Jenn Sterger's Bull run

Published October 23, 2007

Believe it, Florida State fans. That was your girl, FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger, the pride of the Seminole student section and the apple of Brent Musburger's eye, decked in green and gold USF Bulls gear at the game against Central Florida.

We were as stunned as you to see Sterger, the poster girl for FSU football, wearing the colors of another in-state school. How could this be? What was she thinking? What would Bobby Bowden say?

This isn't exactly LeBron wearing a Yankees cap in Cleveland. But thousands of frat boys in Tallahassee might disagree.

So we called the Cowgirl herself for answers. Sterger, now living with her parents in Lutz, is writing for various Web sites, including NFLGridironGab.com and her own site, JennSterger.com. She's working with Sprint on video content for Sprint-enabled phones. Next weekend, a camera crew from E! will come to Tampa to film Sterger for a special on the top girls of the Internet, slated to air later this year.

But all we really wanted to ask Sterger was: What is up with those USF Cowgirl duds?

Looks like you jinxed both USF and Florida State this past weekend.

Oh my god, dude. Don't even get me started on that. I can't win. I really can't. But it's only one game. Every other game I've been to, they've won.

Why would you possibly turn to another team?

For a lot of people, it's no secret that I went to USF my first two years of school. I'm living back at home right now with my parents, and in between traveling, I do spend a lot of time around the USF program, simply because it's one of the biggest stories in college football this season, and it's right in my backyard.

Did any of your Florida State friends see you in USF gear?

Oh, sure, they've seen pictures of it. But they also understand that I went there my first two years. So it's kind of like splitting the love between the two schools. They took pictures of me last year, and the funny thing is, most of the pictures that are circulating around the 'Net right now of me in USF gear were taken last season. It's like, "That's great, guys. Get some new material."

Now that USF has lost, you're not jumping off the bandwagon, are you?

No, not at all. I'm going up to New York to see a friend in a few weeks and get some business done, so I figured I'd just pop on over to Syracuse and watch them play there. I've got friends on the team, so it only makes sense for me to go and support my friends. It's not like I'm a bandwagonner. My parents have had season tickets since before I even went to USF. They're contributors to the program.

So just to be clear: If USF played Florida State ... ?

Um ... (laughs) I've been asked this question: "FSU-USF in the Orange Bowl - what do you wear?" Honestly, it'd either have to be a split jersey, and I'd just look like a giant Christmas ornament, or I'd probably have to go with Florida State. Because that's where my allegiances were when I first got discovered. So probably, my heart would lie there.