Today's Letters: Neighborhood is a war zone

Published October 25, 2007

Re: Area is treated worse than others letter, Oct. 21

I live on Overlea Street in Clearwater. I have called and written and participated in Neighborhood Watch meetings (which I started) for years. Nothing has been done. This area is a war zone.

Every day I can look out my window and see drug dealing and garbage thrown in the street. The cops are here only when someone calls.

Do something! People are killing people here! I would rather live in Iraq - it's probably safer. Anyone know where I can buy a tank?

George Ehmig,Clearwater

Re: Gazebo, bocce ball coming to quiet park story, Oct. 23

'Improvements' may be detractions

These proposed "improvements" to Veterans Memorial Park in Oldsmar may detract from its appeal rather than add to it. However, the creation of this passive park was an excellent idea.

In this case, Oldsmar bought a mansion, which it planned to turn into an art center. When the proposed renovations turned out to be too expensive, the city tore down the structure and created a park. Oldsmar turned a mistake into a community asset.

Other local governments could do the same with their neighborhood eyesores. Even small "pocket parks" provide natural habitat and enjoyment for humans, and these benefits can't be measured in dollars.

Liz Drayer, Clearwater

Re: Bus drivers can be dangerous letter, Oct. 24

Not all bus drivers are bad

I am a retired schoolteacher and I am writing in support of our area school bus drivers. I urge Largo letter writer George Goodenough to not lump all drivers under "one bad apple." I also hope he followed through and called bus dispatch to report driver No. 19421.

However, to state that all Pinellas drivers are careless and reckless is unfair. We have a bus driver in our neighborhood and I know "Mr. Joe" does an outstanding job driving and protecting our children. And I know that there are many Mr. Joes behind the wheel of the school buses.

Let's be observant and concerned, but above all fair! Thank you to our many drivers who do a great job.

Anne Daigle, Dunedin

Let's get rid of paper money

I urge you to consider a proposal that would revolutionize the way our country collects taxes. Everyone would have to pay (taxes) whenever they make a purchase.

There would be no loopholes. We could eliminate most of the taxes we pay - even the IRS, which costs $131-billion a year to operate. We would save 10 percent or more on all purchases. There would be no need for credit cards, which would eliminate identity theft and illegal use of credit cards. All illegal operations would be exposed because the money could be traced. Counterfeiting would be eliminated.

People and banks wouldn't be robbed for money because they wouldn't have any. If you can't get away with committing a crime, you are not going to try. So the whole country would become a better place to live. The cost to produce a product would be reduced. All foreign trade balances would improve. I haven't been able to find a legitimate downside to this proposal.

Under this system, all paper money would be eliminated. Everyone would have to have a bank account and a hand-held cell-phone computer to make transactions. All monies paid or collected would have to go bank to bank. The government would have a special account in every bank. A small fee from every transaction, large or small, would be deducted. It would be simpler than using a credit card.

Rich people spend more, so they would pay more. Poor people spend less, so they would pay only a small amount. Food and drugs could be exempt. No one would be allowed to use paper money in this country.

If an immigrant didn't have a work permit, the bank wouldn't open an account for him. If he couldn't get paid, he wouldn't come.

Every day people are losing their lives for paper money. Court and jail costs could be reduced. Billions of dollars are wasted on unnecessary overhead that could be stopped by just making this simple change.

It's going to happen. It's just a question when. We need to lead the world in this venture and put the U.S. economy back on top of the world.

Edwin K. Sabala, Belleair

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