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Are the Patriots running up the score?

Published November 1, 2007

In situations at the end of the game nobody's trying to embarrass or run anything up on anybody, but not playing is, to me, more disrespectful than playing.

Bill Belichick, Patriots coach


I told (Belichick), "You need to show some respect for the game." You just don't do that. I don't care how bad it is. ... This isn't like college going for power rankings. This is the pros; you show some respect, show some class.

Randall Godfrey, Redskins linebacker


We're responsible for keeping their score down. They aren't. ... I have no comment or opposition to them ringing up as many points as they're capable of.

Mike Tomlin, Steelers coach


The Pats coach simply doesn't care. He wore the black hoodie in the Week 1 spy incident and accepted his punishment. Now, he's making the league pay with blowouts. ... Face it, folks, Belichick plans to lay waste to the NFL.

John Clayton, ESPN.com


You play to win. If you can score, score. Your job, as a defense, as an opponent, is to slow them down.

Jack Del Rio, Jaguars coach


You've got a team that is playing very, very good, setting all kinds of record. When I watch those guys play, they're having fun. They're just having fun playing football.

Herman Edwards, Chiefs coach


All the coaches have formed a solid blue line of defense for Bill Belichick. ... They sound like the police department when one of their own is called to task. ... It's all lies, of course. They hate it when it's done to them and they never forget.

Paul Zimmerman, SI.com


The fact that you have some of your premier players in the game with the margins being what they are, that's Bill's prerogative. That's his decision, and I think the risk he's weighing is that those guys could get hurt. ... I don't know if I would be willing to risk that.

Bill Cowher, NBC analyst and former Steelers coach


He doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks, and that's great. The NFL isn't a social club.

Joe Theismann, former Redskins quarterback and NFL analyst