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By Times Wires
Published November 3, 2007


Run for mayor becomes a sibling rivalry

It's a tough mayoral race in Montezuma, Ohio. Do you go with Charlotte Garman, the eight-year incumbent who is also the village postmaster? Or go with some new blood in challenger Daniel Huffman? It isn't unusual for people familiar with each other to run against each other in this town of 138 voters, but Garman and Huffman take it to a new level, as they are siblings. "I really don't believe she's tickled about it," said Huffman, 45. Officially, she's taking it well. "He has every right to run," she said. "The same as I do." She did, however, point out that her brother, as much as she loves him and everything, has never attended a council meeting and doesn't seem to keep up on issues and projects in the village.


Beware bullies: It's a wedgie-free zone

If necessity is truly the mother of invention, pity the Serovich twins of Columbus, Ohio. Jared and Justin, 8, were featured Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, demonstrating their new Rip Away 1000, which in common parlance translates into wedgie-proof underwear. The official story is that they developed the system of fabric fasteners on a pair of boxers after an afternoon of horsing around, but it sure sounds like it may go deeper than that. "When the person tries to grab you - like the bully or the person tries to give you a wedgie - they just rip away," Justin explained, deftly working the brand name into his explanation. It's appropriate to be a little inspired and a little sad, all at the same time.

Lotto lottery

When Barkley wins, everybody wins

When gas station owner Barkley Heron won about $11-million in the Canadian lottery last week, he decided to take the opportunity to share his good fortune with others in the Northwest Territories town of Fort Smith. So he cut the price of gas at his station from $1.15 per liter to 50 cents roughly $1.96 per gallon, U.S., and sold out in a day. Heron and his wife say they don't plan to move or sell the station, but will take a Las Vegas vacation. He also says he promised to build a new home for his mother, which he might want to do before the big Vegas trip.

Not drunk, just dumb

Sometimes, it pays to take breathalyzer

Aw Cheng Fatt did not want to take a breathalyzer test when stopped by police in Malaysia, reports the Malaysian Star. So he offered the police officer $15 to let him slide. The officer did not, and the good news is that his results came back within the acceptable levels, so no charges there. The bad news is that Aw was arrested on charge of corruption for trying to bribe the officer. He was fined $300.


Barbecue leg

The case of the leg found in an auctioned smoker was so big, it could only be solved on a daytime court show. Judge Greg Mathis ruled Thursday that Shannon Whisnant must return the leg that came in the smoker back to John Wood, its original owner. Wood's leg was amputated after a 2004 plane crash. He was saving it to have it cremated with him when he dies.

Compiled from Times wire services and other sources by staff writer Jim Webster, who can be reached at jwebster@sptimes.com.