Quote me: great Googly moogly

By GENE WEINGARTEN, Washington Post
Published November 11, 2007

WASHINGTON - Today I present more googlenopes - original phrases that, when entered between quote marks in the Google search engine, return no hits. They will be paired with their opposites, googleyups: phrases that, however improbably, already are out there somewhere.

As always, every time a new googlenope is created and published, it ceases to be a googlenope. In this manner, we shall slowly but steadily create a world in which nothing has been left unsaid.

Googleyup: There is nothing I would change about my life.

Googlenope: There is nothing I would change about my hair.

- - -

Googlenope: fashionably dressed dental hygienist

Googleyup: fashionably dressed ho

- - -

Googleyup: chocolate-covered lettuce

Googleyup: chocolate-covered steak

Googleyup: chocolate-covered frogs

Googleyup: chocolate-covered bacon

Googleyup: chocolate-covered pork fat

Googleyup: chocolate-covered squid

Googleyup: chocolate-covered toothpaste

Googleyup: chocolate-covered sand

Googleyup: chocolate-covered cinnamon Altoids

Googleyup: chocolate-covered Volkswagen Beetle parked in front of a supermarket in China

Googlenope: chocolate-covered poached mouse fetuses on a lightly toasted poppy-seed bagel with a schmear

- - -

Googleyup: My ATM password is

Googlenope: My hip and waist sizes are

- - -

Googleyup: Hitler pleasantly

Googleyup: Stalin pleasantly

Googleyup: bin Laden pleasantly

Googleyup: Dracula pleasantly

Googlenope: Coulter pleasantly

- - -

Googleyup: I like my bad breath

Googleyup: I like my belly fat

Googleyup: I like my huge butt

Googleyup: I like my yellow teeth

Googlenope: I like my pinky toenails

- - -

Googleyup: playing footsie in church

Googleyup: playing footsie in the library

Googleyup: playing footsie with a jellyfish

Googleyup: playing footsie with a leper

Googlenope: playing footsie with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

- - -

Googlenope: We dined on Chateaubriand and foie gras

Googleyup: We dined on lobster and Pez

- - -

Googlenope: my disappointing granddaughter

Googlenope: my disappointing grandson

Googlenope: my disappointing daughter

Googleyup: my disappointing son

- - -

Googleyup: a mysterious podiatrist

Googlenope: a sex-crazed orthodontist

- - -

Googleyup: I love that tuba solo

Googleyup: I love that pimple

Googleyup: I love that necrophiliac

Googlenope: I love that mathematician

- - -

Googlenope: I definately support Giuliani

Googlenope: I definately support McCain

Googlenope: I definately support Romney

Googlenope: I definately support Kucinich

Googlenope: I definately support Thompson

Googlenope: I definately support Clinton

Googleyup: I definately support Bush

Rachel Manteuffel contributed to this article. Gene Weingarten can be reached at weingarten@washpost.com.