The skinny

By Times wires
Published November 13, 2007

Naked ambition

Howard: Why does anyone want to see me naked?

Australian Prime Minister John Howard is way behind opposition leader Kevin Rudd in opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 24 election. But it hardly ends there. Zoo magazine surveyed 1,200 people, asking respondents whom they wantedto see naked. Turns out16 percent of respondents wanted to see Howard, while 34 percent wanted to expose Rudd. The result surprised Howard. "I'm amazed it wasn't zero," he said. Zoo editor Paul Merrill said there was only one thing to take from the result: "No one wants a prime minister who doesn't look good naked."

Fire at the tire

To fix car, man pulls out shotgun

Even if nothing else works, don't use a 12-gauge shotgun in an attempt to loosen a lug nut on your car. Apparently, it needs said, because a 66-year-old man near Seattle was working on his Lincoln Continental, when he just couldn't loosen one of the nuts. So he shot at it. Surprisingly, this did not loosen the nut at all.But the buckshot ricocheted, spraying him in the legs and all the way up to his chin. He was taken to the hospital with severe but not life-threatening injuries. "He wasn't intoxicated," Deputy Scott Wilson felt compelled to report.

Drugs bunny

Another argument for solid bunnies

When police in Rockdale County, Ga., saw a man trying to sell a chocolate rabbit for $650, they got a little suspicious. Because Easter was months away. Turns out, the 20-year-old man was stuffing the bunnies full of hallucinogenic mushrooms before he sold them. "It appears they were using the chocolate to cover up they were selling drugs," Sgt. Jodi Shupe said. A search of the man's truck turned up a cooler with 74 chocolate ducks and rabbits stuffed with the drugs.

High price of gas

To pay a Mobil, just rob a Sunoco

Police in Detroit arrested Anna May Kwasny. The Detroit Free Press reports that the 65-year-old is suspected in the robbery of a Sunoco gas station. Police say after robbing the Sunoco, she drove to a Mobil, where she bought gas, presumably with the money from the Sunoco. "She was very courteous," said Nalla Fall, a cashier at the Mobil. "She said, 'Thank you. Have a nice night, everybody!' " While pumping the gas, six police cars converged on her and took her into custody. Police think that, in addition to buying some gas, she needed money to support a gambling habit.

Compiled from Times wire services and other sources by staff writer Jim Webster, who can be reached at jwebster@sptimes.com.