See your sports photos in print

By KELLIE DIXON, Times Staff Writer
Published November 15, 2007

Send us a recent photo to run on the Hometown Sports page.

E-mail photos as jpeg attachments of 1.5 megabytes or larger to communitysports@tampabay.com or call Kellie Dixon at352 544-9480 for other options.

What qualifies? Any action photo or posed shot of a community member, involving any sport. Photos must be recent.

Answer these questions when you send it: Why was the picture taken, or at what event was the picture taken?

Who is in the picture? (Make sure you check the spelling.) What city/town is that person (or group) from? What is going on in the picture?

To ensure that your photo is selected, save it as a large file (minimum 1.5 megabytes).

Do not try to reduce, enlarge or edit the image in any way before sending it.

Simply send it as it comes off your camera.

And please leave off any writing or the date when you take the pictures.

Call (352) 544-9480 if you have any questions.