Captain's Corner

By DAVE WALKER, Times Correspondent
Published November 25, 2007

What's hot: Thanks to a prolonged period of warmer than normal weather, redfish are still lurking with the mullet schools on the shallow grass flats of Tampa Bay. With a little perseverance and patience, shallow-water enthusiasts will enjoy a nice bounty. Redfish are eating shrimp, as well as live greenbacks. For artificial bait fishermen, the classic gold spoon or a soft-plastic jig fished on the sand potholes will yield big reds. Recent extreme low tides have concentrated fish into depressions. There have been some bruisers near migratory mullet.

Tip: Because of natural phenomenon and fish movement, it can be difficult to consistently catch a large quantity this time of year. When fish are located, they tend to bunch up, which can lead to multiple hookups. Fish deeper water adjacent to flats or structure for late-season snook and reds.

Tactics: The water in Old Tampa Bay is crystal clear. Using lighter leader material can produce more strikes. Fluorocarbon is the call in exceptionally clear water. Using the clear leader material makes all the difference while sight-casting for snook. Take advantage of the good fishing because it can change in an instant with a cold front.

Dave Walker charters out of Tampa and can be reached at snookfish.com or (813) 310-6531.