X-Files: Build bone health early

By Times staff, wires
Published December 3, 2007

You need to get moving.

Too little milk, sunshine and exercise: It's a bad-bone trifecta. And for some kids, it's leading to rickets, a softening of the bones.

Bone specialists say many children aren't building as much strong bone as they should. Almost half of peak bone mass develops during adolescence, and the concern is that missing out on the strongest possible bones in childhood could haunt people decades later. By the time you reach your 30s, bone is broken down faster than it's rebuilt. Then it's a race to maintain bone and avoid the thin bones of osteoporosis in old age.

Rays stadium, trades, free agent deal

Tampa Bay Rays officials were pretty busy last week, first unveiling plans for a new ballpark that would sit alongside St. Petersburg's waterfront. Then, top Rays outfielder Delmon Young was sent to the Minnesota Twins in a six-player swap.

First, the stadium. Rays officials said the proposed waterfront 34,000-seat ballpark would feature a retractable fabric covering that could keep the stadium cool and keep the rain out. It would be scheduled to open in 2012. However, the matter of paying for the $450-million stadium is still very much in question. The Rays say that financing calls for no new taxes but the public would pay a big part of the bill. And the public would mostly be responsible for footing the bill in redeveloping Tropicana Field and adjacent parking lots into nearly 1-million square feet of new retail space. To take a look at the new stadium, check out the link to the Rays' virtual tour at rays.tampabay.com.

On to the trade. Young, 22, who was the American League Rookie of the Year runnerup, will be trading the heat of Florida for the much cooler temperatures of Minnesota. Also traded by the Rays in the deal were Brendan Harris and Jason Pridie. In exchange, the Rays got starting pitcher Matt Garza and shortstop Jason Bartlett. Eduardo Morlan, a minor-league reliever, completes the transaction.

The Rays also signed free agent reliever Troy Percival to a two-year contract.