Bacon, pizza, even sexy undies by the month

By Dalia Wheatt, tbt* staff writer
Published December 7, 2007

We've all heard of Coffee of the Month and Flowers of the Month, but how about something a little less obvious, like bacon? Or panties? Here's a roundup of offbeat clubs to help you polish off your holiday shopping. Prices are for a 12-month subscription and, in most cases, do not include shipping. Grab a credit card and get goin'.

Your main man: Kitschy T-shirts Ensure that he'll wear a clean shirt at least one day out of the month. Past shirts have included Abe Lincoln in a trucker's cap and a potato masher next to a chalk outline of Mr. Potato Head. Available in men's sizes small to 2XL and women's sizes small to XL. Includes a $30 gift certificate, so you can get a little sumpin' sumpin' for yourself. $200. www.threadless.com

Your lady love: Sexy underwear All aboard the train to Pantyville! Each month she'll receive a brief or thong, gift-wrapped with perfume, candy, a sachet and a poem card. $478; www.panties.com

Mom: Crosswords A one-year membership to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle Society includes six "classic" Sunday puzzles each month. $44.95; www.nytstore.com

Dad: Fishing lures Don't get him another tie. Choose from freshwater, saltwater and walleye lures, accompanied by their written history. $79.95 to $89.95 for six shipments; www.fishingenthusiast.com

Niece or nephew: Practical jokes Every member gets a welcome package with a whoopie cushion. Practical joke kits include Groucho glasses, rattlesnake eggs, fake lotto tickets, the classic bug in an ice cube and more. $67.99; www.thegag.com

In-laws: Gift cards Don't guess. Just pick the amount, from $25 to $100, and let them buy what they want from a new store each month, such as Borders, Macy's and Brookstone. $4.95 to $6.95 monthly service charge; www.clubsgalore.com

Your best girlfriend: Ice cream Help her over that breakup with four monthly pints of the cold stuff in various flavors, plus a club newsletter with serving suggestions and ice cream trivia. $563.40; www.flyingnoodle.com

Your best guy friend: Bacon Seriously. Not only will he receive a different one- or two-pound package of artisan bacon every month, but there's other swag like a T-shirt, ballpoint pen, pig toy and the "bacon strip," a monthly meat-themed comic strip. Includes with a Bacon of the Month Club membership card, which will come in handy when the ER doctors ask what happened. $150 to $225; www.gratefulpalate.com

Your crafty friend: Socks Socks? Eh. But socks you knit yourself? Good times. Your favorite crafter will get a sock pattern and yarn every month. $203.40; www.theknitter.com

Neighbors: Pie Mmm ... Pie ... Members receive 12 postcards a year, each with retro art on the front and a recipe on the back. And we ain't talkin' apple and pumpkin. Among past recipes was Tang pie. Recipients also get a coffee mug, pin and member ID card. $25; www.pieofthemonth.org

Babysitter: Pizza There's nothing better than a pizza. Except maybe three 12-inch pizzas delivered to your door each month - one deep-dish and two thin-crust. They arrive freshly frozen in a plastic foam cooler, perfect for stashing in the freezer until a "What's for dinner?" night. $383.40; www.greatclubs.com/pizzaofthemonthclub

Dog lover: Wine with a cause You'll get 24 California wines. That's two bottles per month of the same wine - one to drink and one to collect. Each is labelled with a rescue dog's picture and inspirational story. If you want, a portion of the proceeds can benefit local pups in need. Go to www.dogloverswineclub.com ; click on the "affiliates" tab, then click on "bark partners listings" and select SPCA Tampa Bay as your group. Every time you make a purchase, it will benefit that organization. $578.

New parents: Dinner and a movie Help them enjoy date night at home with a pasta dinner that serves two to four people, a $5 Blockbuster gift card and gourmet popcorn. $359.40; www.amazingclubs.com