Holiday card recyclers, speak up soon

By Linda D. Cole and Ingrid L. Kohler
Published December 8, 2007

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Holiday cards are arriving, so it's time to start reminding REXers that our annual Christmas card list can't be far behind. In case you are new to the area or just tend to be absentminded, it is a compilation of individuals and agencies that would appreciate receiving your beautiful cards after you have finished enjoying them.

Even though it may be sad to part with them, knowing some of the worthwhile and creative uses for these cards makes storing them away in a drawer even sadder. So, if you or your group wishes to receive used cards, we need to get you on the list.

Send your name, address and phone number to us at either the snail mail or e-mail address at the column's end. If you have any special requests such as Christmas cards only, card fronts only, Peanuts cards only, include those too. Just remember that we must receive your information by Tuesday, Jan. 8; the list will appear in the Jan. 12 column.

Sue Coterel of Palm Harbor has some items she would like to donate to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Six like-new animated Christmas figures (Santa, Rudolph, etc.) for indoors display,about 100 paperback and hardback books and about 100 cassette tapes ready to be recorded over round out Sue's list. She will be happy to deliver these items within Pinellas County. Please e-mail suec1@ij.net or call her at (727) 789-4428.

Joyce is desperately seeking a place that sells sets of or replacements for some colored Christmas lights. The lights are round, about 2 inches in diameter, and are covered with what appears to be a coating of crystals. Joyce has owned these lights many years, but it has been some time since she has seen them for sale anywhere. If you can help, please call Joyce at (727) 799-0185.

Karen Doughty of Largo wrote to us two years ago trying to find a copy of Snoopy's First Christmas. It was her son's favorite Christmas album when he was in the first grade. He took it to school, but it was never returned.

The lad is now 41, and Karen has periodically tried for years to find a replacement for the lost album, including the REX request, which yielded nothing. So, she is giving us another try. If you have a copy you are willing to relinquish, please call Karen at (727) 585-4198. P.S. She'd also like to find a Tiny Tears doll.

The Crafty Crafters at St. Brendan Church are planning some new projects for which they need donations of wooden cigar boxes and eyelet lace. Please call (727) 443-7032; if there's no answer, leave a message, and those Crafty Crafters will get back to you.

John Elliott's wife became ill and passed away after she started a new project: hooking an 8- by 10-foot rug. The rug, on a wide frame designed for hooking rugs, is about 25 percent complete. John would like to have the rug completed in his wife's memory, and to that end he will make a donation to the favorite charity of the person who is willing to finish it. Please call (727) 394-7535 if you are intrigued by John's offer.

Dan Jurgens and his wife grew up near the Illinois River, where they became enamored of sweet, whole-fried catfish. Catfish nuggets or filets just don't fill the bill for them, so they ask if the Tampa Bay area is home to any restaurant where they can order the whole, fried catfish. Please e-mail mstngdan@aol.com if you can help.

Judie Kelly of New Port Richey has many stuffed animals in all shapes and sizes that she loves dearly, but she thinks it's high time they found their way into loving little hands. She hopes that someone reading this will round up the fuzzy friends and give them to children who will love them. Firemen and policemen take only new teddy bears, but these animals have done a good job of keeping Judie happy.

Judie, who is deaf, can talk on the phone with a special telephone, but we think that instead of calling her it might be easier for respondents to write to her in care of this column. We will send all letters to Judie, and she can make decisions about the animals' new homes at her leisure.

Judie would also like to locate a person who could give her the rules to the Kings in the Corner card game, rules she has lost.

Thank you notes

For two weeks after the request appeared here on Nov. 10, Chris of Dunedin received calls from folks wanting the jigsaw puzzles being offered. Unfortunately for callers but luckily for Chris, they were all snapped up by the 11th.

Mildred Corlett thanks everyone who responded with suggestions on making snow for the Christmas tree without Ivory Snow flakes.

Send requests to Reader Exchange, Floridian, St. Petersburg Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail cole@sptimes.com. Requests will be accepted only by mail or e-mail. This is an exchange column; we will not run items that are for sale. Readers must agree to publication of phone numbers, including area code.