Spirited quaffing needn't decant a budget

By Chris Sherman, Times Staff Writer
Published December 12, 2007

If you've got only $10, more or less, these five wines put a punch bowl of flavor on the holiday table. They are widely available.

- Riesling, Covey Run, Washington, 2006. A bargain crisp white to whet everyone's taste buds, crisp with first courses and fun with the main event, too.

- Rose, Cote de Rhone, Guigal, 2006. Bright, lightly peppery mix of red and white grapes make this as pink as the ham. South African mockers make a rosy Goats Do Roam that will fill in, too.

- Syrah rose, Fetzer Valley Oaks, California, 2006. A dry rose full of juicy raspberries, pretty in pink, fresh and gutsy, too.

- Las Rocas, Spain, 2005. Ripe and fruity as a jelly jar, this Spanish garnacha (grenache) could have been a rose but grew up full-bodied and lively. Beaujolais old and new will do the trick, too.

- Moscato, St. Supery, Napa, 2005, half bottle. Sweetness and a bit of spice set off gingerbread or fruit. Even better, a couple of bucks more buy a full 750ml of Quady Electra, a neon angel of orange muscat (or is it apricot?). Chris Sherman, Times staff writer