Bush tells congress to fund troops

Associated Press
Published December 16, 2007


President Bush appealed to Congress in his weekly radio address Saturday to give him real cash for the war, not just a pledge to fund the troops. The Senate on Friday passed a defense policy bill for the 2008 budget year that authorizes $696-billion in military spending, including $189-billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but does not actually send money to the Pentagon. This week, Democrats are expected to let Senate Republicans attach tens of billions of dollars for the Iraq war to a $500-billion-plus government-wide spending bill. That move would be in exchange for GOP support on a huge spending measure for the government.


McCain wants training to preclude torture

Republican White House hopeful John McCain said he wants "a crash program" in civilian and military schools that emphasizes language and creates a "new specialty in strategic interrogation" so the nation never feels the need for torture. McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war who suffered mistreatment, talked about the new proposal at a Columbia campaign stop Saturday. McCain also said he wanted to create an Army Advisory Corps of 20,000 soldiers to act as military advisers and a new Office of Strategic Services "that will be a small, nimble, can-do organization that will fight" terrorists worldwide and on the Internet. When asked if he knew whether U.S. forces had engaged in torture in the past, the Arizona senator said he didn't.


Huckabee supporters accused of push polls

John McCain on Saturday called on Republican rival Mike Huckabee to end push polling in New Hampshire tied to his presidential campaign's supporters, but Huckabee denied any involvement. In push polling, people get calls that sound like an objective poll. However, the questions cast candidates in a harsh light.


Representative dies of lung cancer

Rep. Julia Carson, Indianapolis' first black and first female representative in Congress, died Saturday after a battle with lung cancer, family spokeswoman Vanessa Summers said. She was 69.