Todays Letters: Sheriff's plan hurts workers

By Letter to the Editor
Published December 20, 2007

Re: Brooksville dispatchers can help themselves, taxpayers, Dec. 19 editorial

This consolidation sounds like it could be a good idea; the problem I see is how the dispatchers are being portrayed. They have been told to either apply for the new job or be fired. Where is the consideration for the five full-time and one part-time employees?

We also have been led to believe that the sheriff has shown great generosity. He is in line to accept the applications of fully-trained employees with years of local experience at the bottom of the pay scale so that he can consider them for employment. I am sure this consolidation also will increase the revenue to his office.

Tone and substance matter to workers. The only two choices offered are: 1. To apply for a new job, which means go to the bottom of the seniority list (pay scale, shift choice, holiday work preference), start all over with a new company (new work rules, new bosses, new work hours and location); or 2. Become unemployed!

This action is not because the employees did anything wrong; it is due to no fault of their own.

Part of the agreement to consolidate should include how the employees will be absorbed into the Sheriff's Office and how they will be integrated into the existing system. They should not be threatened or told how they will be "left behind."

Saving taxpayers money is a good idea, but what happened to treating good employees right, working together, making our community a better place for all of us to work and live?

Robert F. Lambert, Spring Hill

Bus fiasco brings tickets to safety Dec. 14 Andrew Skerritt column

Positives to girl's mistaken journey

It is a shame this young child made a mistake and by doing so caused her mother worry and anxiety.

But does no one see the positive points of her wrong journey? She went home with a schoolmate and was safe and well-cared for and 911 was called and her whereabouts were made known.

The schools have now implemented a new boarding routine that shall hopefully eliminate another occurrence.

These are good things. I fail to see how getting on the wrong bus would expose her to rapists, murderers and kidnappers. I didn't realize the school district had a bus full of them.

Although we must teach our children to be wary of new people and places, teaching them that mistakes lead to such dire consequences is wrong. This mother appears to be setting up a lawsuit against Pasco County schools. If she is, shame on her.

Antoinette Starr, Holiday

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