Hangover prevention 101

By Robert N. Jenkins
Published December 25, 2007


Yes, we know there is more alcohol tempting you right now. Follow some tips from the National Headache Foundation and the Web site howstuffworks.com to avoid that morning-after regret:

- Before having that first drink, eat food that has a high fat content; these foods help line the intestines, which slows alcohol absorption.

- Similarly, honey supplies fructose, a sugar that helps metabolize alcohol and is rich in vitamin B6. Two tablespoons of honey on a cracker or toast before or after drinking may prevent a hangover. Tomato juice is another source of fructose.

- Sip your drink, and alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of soda or water.

- Opt for mixed drinks with fruit or vegetable juices.

- Avoid red wine and dark liquors such as bourbon and tequila, which have a higher percentage of congeners, a byproduct of fermentation that causes headaches.

- After you've been drinking, have a cup of broth or bouillon or a sports drink - liquids rich in minerals and salts that offer relief from the dehydration caused by alcohol consumption.

- Have a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up; the caffeine reduces the size of the blood vessels that have been enlarged by the alcohol.

- Because of various chemicals they contain, helpful foods to eat the morning after are eggs and bananas.

- Do not have another alcoholic drink the morning after. Hangovers are unpleasant because your liver is processing the toxins left from alcohol metabolism.

Compiled from Times staff, wires