That's a wrap

Toy stores, Internet sites and magazines are touting the "must haves" and top-ranked toys for kids this year. They need parents and kids in a frenzy soon to keep the toys selling strong through Dec. 24, especially with a soft economy and toy safety scares.

Jim Silver, editor and co-publisher of Toy Wishes magazine, sees a few toys as standouts: Guitar Hero III (ages 11 and up, $99) is the latest version of the game that lets you play a guitar along with a video and strive for rock star status. "Hannah Montana anything is huge," Silver said. "And anything that has HSM (as in High School Musical) on it is pretty hot." Transformers are still big for boys, he added. For younger kids, Silver is very high on the Smart Cycle by Fisher Price (ages 3 and up, $99.99). This stationary bike plugs into a TV and kids play learning games on the screen, but they must keep pedaling to keep playing.

By Katherine Snow Smith, Special to the Times
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