Exotic wildlife next door
Available state records show that within the past year there were 496 license holders in Florida of Class 1 and 2 animals, identified as the most dangerous. In Citrus, Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Hernando and Manatee counties the number is 93. Some permit holders may be located at the same address. Wildlife owners must submit counts of their animals to the state once a year so information for some permits may have changed. Some people also may have licenses, but no animals. Accredited zoos, aquariums, theme parks or the 4,000 permit holders of less dangerous Class 3 animals such as Capuchin monkeys are not included.
Note: Some of the license holders may have changed their licenses or let them drop.
License type
ESA 1 to 25 Class 1 or 2 animals
ESB 26 or more Class 1 or 2 animals
PPL Personal Pet License
Class Code Species included
1 A Snow Leopards, Leopards, Jaguars, Tigers, Lions
2 A Servals, Lynx, Cougars, Bobcats, Cheetahs, Caracals, African Golden Cats, Temminck's Golden Cats, Fishing Cats, Ocelots, Clouded Leopard
1 B Crocodiles (except dwarf & congo), Black Caimans
2 B Dwarf Crocodiles, Alligator (except American Alligator), Caimans
1 B2 Gavials
1 C Baboons, Gelada Baboons, Drills and Mandrills
2 C Mangabeys, Guenons, Guereza monkeys, Celebes Black Apes, Macaques, Langurs, Douc Langurs, Snub-nosed Langurs
1 D Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Gorillas
1 E Bears
1 F Rhinoceros
1 G1 Elephants — Exhibit only
1 G2 Elephants — Rides Authorized
1 H Hippopotamuses
1 K Cape Buffalos
1 L Komodo Dragons
2 M Howler monkeys, Uakaris, Bearded Sakis
2 N Indris
2 O Gray Wolves, Red Wolves, Coyotes, Asiatic Jackals, Black-backed Jackals, Side-striped Jackals, Indian Dholes, African Hunting Dogs
2 Q Binturongs
2 R Hyenas
2 S Ostrichs, Cassowarys
1 T Gibbons, Siamangs
1,2 X None
1,2 Y All
I Infants only
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Map by Desiree Perry

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