Dateline Florida

By Times Staff Writer
Published January 16, 2008

Guns, Lots of bullets add up to 125 charges, $1.3-million bail

Lots of people who wind up in jail get a charge or two and bail set in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. But 19-year-old Hector Josue Vazquez Padilla landed in the Hillsborough County jail Tuesday on 125 charges. His bail: $1.3-million. Authorities say Vazquez Padilla of 6005 Paris St. W, Tampa, is a member of the Crips gang who had a stockpile of guns, marijuana and ammunition. Also arrested was Zuania Yari Vazquez Padilla, 20, who lives at the same address. She faces nine drug and property charges. Their relationship is unclear. Why so many charges? Deputies added one for each bullet, according to a sheriff's spokeswoman.e_SClBOfficials: Drought is worst in 50 years

How bad is the drought? The worst since the 1950s, the Orlando Sentinel reports. State officials see May as a make-or-break month, said state meteorologist Ben Nelson. "May is going to be really critical as to when that summer thunderstorm pattern begins," Nelson said Tuesday during a daylong summit of Florida emergency managers, forestry officials and water managers in Tallahassee. "That will be critical in determining whether the drought will continue into the summer. But it's probably only going to get worse between now and May."