If I were president, what would I do?

By Times Staff Writer
Published January 27, 2008

Just in time for Tuesday's presidential primary, we offer a different perspective about the presidency from students who are years away from participating in the election process. What started out as a volunteer effort by parent Fiona Potter for an auction project at Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School quickly morphed into a memory book that raised $2,400 for the St. Petersburg school. 

That's what fifth-graders in Mark Nelson's class at Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School in St. Petersburg were asked for an auction project. Find out what Kayla's classmates had to say: 

I would have a law in place to help people in times of disaster, like Katrina. There should be proper shelters for adults and children when they need it. Animals should be protected too. I think they can do better than they have in the past. I was sad when I saw people suffering.

If I was president I would help everyone.

Kayla Stanley, 10

I would like to do something to help animals to ensure that they are not abused. I have always liked animals, it makes me upset to hear when people hurt them.

There needs to be a serious law against animal abuse.Animals need caring owners.

Jake Wilkins, 11

I would give doctors and scientists more money to work on cures for diseases like asthma, cancer, heart disease, etc. My brother died of a brain aneurism. He was 19. Maybe we could cure this disease with more money for research. I feel strongly about this because I feel sorry for people who are ill, especially if we can do something about it.

Kyla Amelia Kreemer, 11

I would change global warming. Instead of using cars to drive, I would put laws in place to make people more environmentally aware. I would make a law to regulate the number of hours someone can drive. If we don't stop using our cars and continue to neglect the environment, the ozone layer will break and there will be a catastrophe.

Harrison James Potter, 10

I would talk to the commissioner of baseball to tell the managers on the teams to pay the head coach more money so he can pay more money to the players to help them perform better. The good players are not paid enough (and the bad players are being paid too much!). This is important so people won't think badly of Joe Madden.

Eric Jonathan Lane, 10

I would stop the war. I would come to peace with our adversaries. I don't like the thought of people dying over land or oil. It makes me feel sad that people are losing their lives.

Ellen Michaela Doyle, 10

I would make smoking illegal. It affects global warming. It is not good for people. Not only does it cause people to have lung problems, but it affects others around them.

Chad Hunter, 11

I would give all the homeless people houses for one year. This would give them time to get their lives together, get a job and get on their feet. After that time, I would stop paying for the house and let them pay themselves. This is important because you want to take care of people and help them take care of themselves.

Carrie Munro Burman, 10

I would bring the troops home. My uncle and my brother are there fighting. It makes me sad and angry because I am worried about them and all the other troops that have left their families and homes. I would bring them home immediately.

Samantha Hoo, 10

I would try to stop the war. One of my favorite presidents, Woodrow Wilson, tried to stop the war. I do not think that fighting is the best way to solve your problems. We should try again to make the League of Nations.

Nick Conner Beau, 10