Wrestling: Teams give coaches reasons to smile

Published February 2, 2008

GULFPORT - There were many happy coaches at the Class 2A, District 9 tournament Friday.

All eight teams will send at least two representatives to regionals, and five of the schools went home with at least one district champion.

Dixie Hollins led the way with 13 regional representatives, including five district champions.

"We won a district title. That was our goal," head coach Nick Spataro said. "These kids and this coaching staff have worked hard. They deserve it."

The Rebels topped the team standings with 214 points, followed by Northeast (173.5) and Osceola (130).

Northeast crowned four champions and will send nine to regionals.

Osceola had two wrestlers capture titles, but both did it in a big way - with consecutive pins. Don Lipscomb (30-4) needed only 3:53 and Cameron Porter (25-8) needed only 3:47. The Warriors are sending nine to regionals.

Boca Ciega claimed two individual championships as well. And with four kids qualifying for the next level, Tobey Alvarez may have been the happiest coach of all.

"I don't know if this put us on the map, but I believe we gained some respect," he said. "The only thing I wanted out of this was for Bogey to get respect."

Clearwater is sending eight to regionals and waited until heavyweight to record its only champion: Tyler Parr (24-6).

Gibbs will send seven to regionals, Seminole four and Lakewood two.

Class 2A-9 wrestling

Team: Dixie Hollins 214, Northeast 173.5, Osceola 130, Clearwater 102, Gibbs 96, Boca Ciega 74, Seminole 54, Lakewood 25.


103: McKenzie (DH) d. Miller (NE) 9-7; 112: Lloyd (DH) d. Escamilla (Gibbs) 12-5; 119: Luna (DH) p. Best (Osc) :45; 125: Richards (NE) md. Sergakis (Osc) 12-3; 130: Ricky Moore (NE) md. Taber (Clw) 14-4; 135: Williams (NE) d. Cooper (BC) 10-8; 140: Lawhead (DH) d. Ryan Moore (NE) 8-2; 145: Delmontage (NE) d. Kerrin (Clw) 7-0; 152: Harrington (DH) d. Chisholm (NE) 5-4; 160: Lipscomb (Osc) p. Bennett (Gibbs) 3:53; 171: Porter (Osc) p. Randazzo (Gibbs) 3:47; 189: Dumervil (BC) d. Sullivan (DH) 2-1; 215: McNeal (BC) d. Cole (DH) 5-3; 285: Paar (Clw) d. Secrest (DH) 5-1.

Consolation Finals

103: Isidro (Clw) md. Armstrong (Gibbs) 14-5; 112: Bueno (Sem) p. Vasquez (Lkwd) 4:19; 119: Ford (NE) tf. Lam (Lkwd) 21-5; 125: McCartney (Clw) d. Knapp (DH) by inj dft; 130: John Locascio (Sem) d. Paul Locascio (Osc) 6-4; 135: Hornbeck (DH) p. Tonge (Osc) 4:24; 140: Dunton (Sem) p. Demetree (Clw) 3:03; 145: Washington (DH) tf. Krepper (Osc) 17-2; 152: Law (Gibbs) p. Campbell (Sem) 4:11; 160: Westlund (DH) d. Sanford (Clw) 5-3; 171: Yelko (NE) p. Frutos (DH) :26; 189: Kemp (Osc) d. Chikov (Gibbs) 7-2; 215: Hunter (Clw) p. Willett (Osc) 3:56; 285: Looney (BC) p. Aldana (Gibbs) 1:20.