GOP taunts Democrats over delegates

By Associated press
Published February 3, 2008

ORLANDO - Florida's Republican Party chairman Jim Greer took a swipe at Democrats on Saturday during his party's annual meeting, saying they should apologize for disenfranchising voters during the state's primary election.

Tuesday's primary violated both major parties' rules because it was held before Feb. 5. Republican candidates, however, still campaigned in Florida often and spent the last 10 days before the election in the state.

Democrats, though, made no public appearances in Florida in the four months leading up to the primary after signing a pledge to protect the interests of party-approved early voting states.

The Democratic National Committee stripped Florida of all its convention delegates. Republicans were stripped of half their delegates.

At a Democratic Party meeting earlier in the day, party chairwoman Karen Thurman said Democratic voter turnout shows that her party is motivated. More than 1.7-million cast ballots in the primary despite the national party punishment.

"If anything, the resilience of our Democrats showed in this primary," she told party activists. "Having the highest turnout, percentage-wise, since 1980 and the highest turnout in actual numbers ever shows that our people are ready for change and want it badly."