Shooting death of quiet 'angel' shocks family

By Rebecca Catalanello, Times Staff Writer
Published February 14, 2008


Shooting death of quiet 'angel' shocks family

He was the boy she didn't have to worry about.

From age 9, Philip-Paul Kimber was the quiet one in a house of six kids. He did what he was supposed to do, graduating from Chamberlain High School last year and getting his own apartment with wages from his job at Krispy Kreme, his family said.

"To me, he was like an angel," said Donna Diaz, 40, the aunt who raised Kimber for 10 years in Sulphur Springs. "I didn't have to worry about him compared to the other five. ... He would be the last one you would ever expect."

But the unexpected happened.

Kimber, 19, died about midnight Tuesday after someone opened fire on him during an argument at 8317 N 14th St., Tampa police said.

Police made no arrests Wednesday and offered no further details.

Family and friends gathered outside Diaz's house Wednesday night, trying to make sense of it. Diaz said she had no idea what to do now, no money for a funeral.

State records show Kimber had a few run-ins with the law when he was younger, including charges for marijuana possession. But Diaz said her nephew had moved past that, living a life that made her proud. She said people assume that if a black man dies, drugs are involved. "Not him," she said.