Today's Letters: Realtor says we're not all bad apples

Letters to the Editor
Published February 20, 2008

Re: When the prices are wrong, Feb. 3 story

As a Realtor-associate and a resident of Hernando Beach, I was very upset about the contents of the article, as well as Dan DeWitt's followup column (Realtors' culture not tough on fraud, Feb. 17). We have at least three potential foreclosures in our neighborhood alone, all of which are due to suspected mortgage fraud.

I, too, was approached with this scheme to defraud a mortgage company, as were several of my colleagues. We all had the common sense and ethics to refuse to take our properties off the Multiple List System. I can't make a judgment about the letter of the law, but I do know that with some Realtors, greed supersedes their ethics.

Unethical sellers, buyers, agents, brokers, title companies, and appraisers all share blame for the current situation. From an honest Realtor professional, we ask the public not to paint us all with one brush. I work for an agency that I am proud to claim. I know there are others.

I have never met Michelle Paedae, who was quoted by DeWitt, but want to send her a figurative high-five for her controversial comments. There are many of us who agree.

Kathy Moore, Hernando Beach

Re: Realtors' culture not tough on fraud, Feb. 17 Dan DeWitt column

There needs to be an investigation

Thanks for keeping this issue in the forefront.

As homeowners in Hernando Beach, the actions of these two Realtors have directly impacted our ability to establish a selling price for the sale of our home by using other sales as comparables.

There seems to be some confusion as to who has the authority to pass judgment on their actions. The Florida Real Estate Commission, or FREC, in Orlando should be involved. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, or DBPR, has a Web site with an online complaint form that can be used by anyone. I did a search to see if any complaints had been filed against either Lance Sutter or Ruth Hersh and did not find any.

It seems to me this certainly would be a starting point for putting an investigation process in motion.

Sue Koons, Hernando Beach