Some city elections settled

When qualifying ended at noon Tuesday, a number of races had only one candidate.

By Helen Anne Travis
Published February 20, 2008

Noon Tuesday was the deadline to qualify for April's municipal elections. For some voters in Pasco County, that's the end of the campaign season.

St. Leo and San Antonio need no elections. Both had three slots to fill and three qualified candidates. Decision made.

Incumbents Brother James Hallett, Sister Donna DeWitt and Richard Christmas will continue serving the town of St. Leo.

In San Antonio, incumbents Roy Pierce and Will Plazewski, will stay on the City Commission. Richard Gates also will serve.

Commissioner Dennis Phillips did not run for re-election.

In Zephyrhills, voters have to make only one decision.

No one stepped up to run against Mayor Cliff McDuffie or council member Luis Lopez. But four people want to fill the seat of council member Celia Graham, who did not to run for re-election. They are Sean Fernandez, Michael Payne, Jodi Wilkeson and a man who shares the name with the sheriff, Bob White.

Up the road in Dade City, no incumbents can rest on their laurels. Commissioner Steve Van Gorden has an opponent in Robert Avila. Commissioner Eunice Penix wants to defend her seat against tavern owner Mike Agnello.

Postmaster Jeff Alston had submitted only a portion of the paperwork required to run for Penix's current seat and did not qualify for the election.

Curtis Beebe and Jim Shive are vying for the seat left open by outgoing Mayor Hutch Brock.

Municipal elections will be held April 8.

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