Today's Letters: What's wrong with NIMBY?

Letters to the Editor
Published February 20, 2008

I have read with interest all the articles appearing in the Times as it relates to the landfill outside Dade City and have attended a meeting where Carl Roth and John Arnold have spoken.

I find Mr. Roth passionate in his point of view and I find Angelo's Aggregate Materials very lacking in actual engineering information. Mr. Arnold says those of us who live in the area of the proposed landfill and compost center have a "not in my back yard attitude." Why would we not have that attitude?

Angelo's thinks it can come into town for two years, throw money around, get the needed permits and zoning to make big bucks at the expense of those who have lived and worked here for years. We have selected to live in this peaceful, rural setting. I have worked my entire life and I think I deserve a better retirement than to have a landfill with garbage truck noise, bad roads, pollution, birds and smell and 200-foot-high composting towers - the tallest buildings in Pasco County - next to me. With access to CSX, garbage can be trucked in from anywhere.

Commission candidate John Nicolette says he can be impartial on the issue when he's been waltzing around helping Angelo's' representatives on other projects.

And Pat Mulieri, there is no point in paving roads in east Pasco if the landfill goes in. Our property will be so devalued most of us won't be able to sell it at any price. You will, however, have to keep paying to repave U.S. 98.

Although the Iafrates family may have a state-of-the-art landfill and compost center, it shouldn't be built anywhere near the Green Swamp. I would point out to Angelo's that Interstate 75 runs north as well as south and if you were so interested in helping Pasco County, why would you not want to help Michigan, where you are based and which is the most economically depressed state in the nation?

Linda Cluey, Dade City

Let's developa Pasco beach

My wife and I have lived in Pasco County for more than 21 years. During that time, a number of parcels of land, with Gulf of Mexico frontage, have been purchased by Pasco County and/or the state of Florida. Every time this happens, I eagerly wait to hear that a portion of the land, even a small fraction, is to be developed into a public beach. Each time I have been disappointed to read about keeping the land untouched, nature trails and boardwalk tours for schoolchildren, protecting it against what or whom I do not know.

What about the recreational needs of the 250,000 to 350,000 people that live in Pasco County, most within 10 miles of the coast? What about helping to develop or promote more tourism? Clearwater Beach is not completely natural; it requires frequent and extensive renourishment, especially after storms and hurricanes. What is the problem with developing at least one beach at least four times the size of Hudson Beach, add some pavilions, a fishing pier, boat launch and adequate lime rock parking lots? Do it as natural as possible, but do it. We are not talking about a significant negative impact on environment, just a beach for the residents and tourists to go to and enjoy.

A prime location would be the western end of State Road 52. The paved road is already there, with easy access from U.S. 19. Other locations could be found, if you really wanted to!

The question is not "should" we? The question is "how soon" will we develop a Pasco County beach?

Daniel Ernest, Bayonet Point

Wal-Mart is a looming threat

Though much has been said about the effect of traffic for Beacon Woods and the soon-to-open Wal-Mart, we in Leisure Beach have already felt the burden. We have asked all in office to consider putting a light at our entrance to Leisure Beach, but to no avail. The Florida Department of Transportation basically said not until there is a major accident.

Since the cut-through to Beach Boulevard from U.S. 19 has become the first place to make a U-turn heading north, we have had a huge increase in traffic while trying to exit our development. It is nearly impossible to make a left-hand turn, and the right turn is a series of near misses by those making U-turns.

Recently, a semitrailer truck from Wal-Mart used our streets to make a U-turn and then proceeded out to U.S. 19 heading south. The store is not yet open and this is what we have to contend with now. To wait until there is a fatality is unacceptable.

We need help now. Though our politicians seem sympathetic to our situation, none of them have been able to produce a solution. What are we to do?

Terry Drago, Hudson

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