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Perspective: January 21, 2001
January 21, 2001

False economies
In the governor's proposed budget, too many necessities suffer in ways that could be costly later. The Legislature can do better.

Jackson’s undisciplined behavior
At the very time the Rev. Jesse Jackson was counseling President Clinton -- and lecturing the country -- about the Monica Lewinsky affair, he was carrying on his own affair with an employee of his Rainbow/PUSH coalition.

Beware of George W. Bush’s agenda
Re: Bush plans to review Clinton's initiatives, Jan. 14.

Robyn Blumner
Government should be thrown out of the game
Open a paycheck and there's the government, deducting money. To drive, we have to pass a government test. Want to add a room to your house? First the government has to agree to grant a permit.

Martin Dyckman
Here’s a suggestion for a constructive tax cut
TALLAHASSEE -- The question is no longer whether Congress will cut taxes, but which ones, and how deeply. George W. Bush's inauguration ensures that. Those who aren't as wildly enthusiastic -- including, apparently, his own treasury secretary-designate, Paul H. O'Neill -- have a responsibility to try to make the cuts as constructive as possible.

Bill Maxwell
Homestead was sweet win but more battles to come
In a decision that has national implications for environmentalists and developers, then-President Bill Clinton accepted the advice of an Air Force panel and rejected a proposal to transform the once-strategic Homestead Air Force Base into a commercial jetport.

Finding what’s special in the ordinary world
On the cover of her new collection of profiles, The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup, Susan Orlean is standing with the tight knees and bowed back of a matador. In a black-feathered jacket and cerise lipstick and trailing a lush red cape, Orlean makes a fetching matador. Though she is not the bullfighter of the title, Orlean is very much a presence in her work.

The elusive shape of reality
Phineas G. Nanson, a graduate student who has lost his way amid the parsing and paper cuts of advanced textual analysis, has had enough of the academic life.

A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT, by Michael Connelly (Little Brown & Company, $25.95)

The resting place of tragedy
Of all the horrific images broadcast into our homes during the 1990s, from the collapse of the Santa Monica Freeway to the damage wreaked by Hurricane Andrew, perhaps the flooding of the Mississippi River best conveyed the terrifying magnitude of Mother Nature gone awry.

Superpower politicos
There's nothing more lonely than being a "former."

Great beginnings
"The baby came sailing out of the window like a spider unwinding its silk, spinning down, slowly turning, an elegy in free fall."

Check it out
Dillon reads Kerouac:

Book talk
Penwomen, grab your swords:

When Jimmy was a boy
In this memoir, Jimmy Carter's writing is simple and elegant, his story interesting. He does not dig deeply into emotional issues.  

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