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December 26, 2000

Chauffeur of cats finds he's driven to help Because much of his work involves driving cats to shelter homes and veterinarians and back to homes, Dave Amick often is called the cat man or the cat chauffeur. Story

[Times photo: Bill Serne]

There's no excuse to be bored during January
Just about now, historical purists should be planning a big celebration for the real beginning of the next millennium. Personally, I find it amazing that 2001 will be here in a few days. When we hit 1984, I wondered what George Orwell might have said about how the reality compared to his great novel. Director Stanley Kubrick is not here for this year that he made famous long before the fact, but Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote the short story from which the film was made, is still alive. Maybe he'll have something wise and wonderful to share with us on New Year's Day.

The beat goes on, Big Band style
I had an interesting experience recently. My wife and I were at Busch Gardens, where we had gone to hear the Big Band music of Tommy Dorsey. Twice a year, Busch Gardens hosts bands that play the music of some of the Big Bands so popular during our younger days. We never have stopped enjoying it and often take the opportunity to hear it.

Music is the counterpoint in her life
Joan Geschke's busy career playing piano, raising a family and being a nurse was always punctuated with harmony, and now that she has retired the melody is more satisfying than ever.

Resolutions fit for a brand new year
Things I resolve not to do:

Whatever they may bring, we welcome new years
No more centennial-year stuff, except from the purists who say we should have our millennial hangovers Monday morning. Whatever I forgot I can keep forgetting for another year, such as updating the old Christmas card list.

Faces in crowd each have a story
Even in the largest crowd, each face is unique, with its individual history and its special connections to other people whose faces we never see.

Loretta Lynn's career back in tune
CRYSTAL RIVER -- Singing and performing have sustained country music superstar Loretta Lynn through the death of her husband; they also keep her close to her twin daughters.

Seniority briefs
Psychotherapy, counseling available

It's time to get rid of stress
Want to recharge or make some positive changes in your life? I know many people have given up on making New Year's resolutions, but I find it rather refreshing to think of the new year as time to make a few challenging additions and corrections in my lifestyle. If you were to wish for something that could make a positive difference in your life for 2001, what might it be?  

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