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February 26, 2001
Getting connected
[Times art: Octavio Perez]
Networking your home computers can let you share files, printers and a high-speed Internet connection. But setting up a home network is not yet as easy as tech manufacturers would have you believe. Here are the stories of two home installations: one wired, one wireless. Story

Flower Power iMac Apple hopes new consumer Macs boost sagging sales
TOKYO -- Apple Computer Inc., looking to revitalize sales after posting a net loss of more than $245-million in the previous quarter, introduced Thursday juiced-up new models of its iMac and Power Mac G4 Cube desktops.

Video Game reviews
Racin' Ratz

Disk controller conflict delays startup
Q. I upgraded my hard drive and random access memory, or RAM. Now during startup when it gets into Windows, I get a blue screen proclaiming: "The volume that was removed had open files on it. Next time please check first to see if the volume can really be removed. Press Any Key to Continue." That's followed by another blue screen with: "The file system had data that needed to be flushed. Some data on the volume was lost. Next time please check first to see if the volume can really be removed. Press Any Key to Continue." Then comes: "A fatal exception has occurred at 0177:BFF9DBA7. The current application will be terminated." These are followed by a series of dialog boxes such as Point 32, Explorer, Iamserv or Pproxy with the option to Close and each is followed with the same fatal exception message. Once I get to that point, if I reboot with Ctrl-Alt-Del, everything starts up normally. When I installed the new hard drive, I used Norton Ghost to transfer the old drive to the new drive.

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