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Perspective: March 4, 2001
March 4, 2001

Poor priorities
Legislators should look for ways to help Florida's schoolchildren, the elderly and struggling families, not focus on tax breaks while cutting social services.

Airport looks to the future
Louis Miller's fine stewardship of Tampa International Airport is about to reach another milestone. Over the next two years, TIA will build a new airside, double the space for curbside check-in, remodel the ticketing areas and make it faster and easier for travelers to get to their plane.

Affinity for Clinton is rooted in respect
Re: Baffled by black America's love affair with Bill Clinton, by Philip Gailey, Feb. 25.

Keep Career Service program
I have written Governor Bush to ask him to veto House Bill 369, which abolishes the Career Service system.

Robyn E. Blumner
Utah takes blue ribbon and golden pacifier for its censorship-chic
New York City and Utah are at it again. Will their incessant rivalry never end? This time those scrappy competitors are vying to see which can more thoroughly control taste and propriety for its adult population. Both have enlisted the help of experts to help them ride this wave of censorship-chic.

Bill Maxwell
Some Palestinian students find political act in studying rather than fighting
The horrific photographs flashed around the world -- the wrecked bus, the Palestinian driver, the bodies of Israeli Jews covered with blankets.

Martin Dyckman
Pay now or pay later for new voting system
We've seen the worst of a weak voting system, so now lawmakers are faced with deciding what they'll do to improve it. The question is, will they embrace the best, though costly, or skimp now and pay later?

Martin Dyckman
Learning is what's sacrificed for testing
TALLAHASSEE -- If students fouled up the FCAT tests the way the state has, every school would be rated F. They still don't track an individual student's progress -- wait until next year, they say -- and now they're not counting the essays because the company to which the job was outsourced can't score them in time to be of use to the politicians.

Tim Nickens
It's hard to peg Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush has an identity crisis.

Philip Gailey
Our Legislature may bring an unpredicted storm of changes
Next to the hurricane season, the convening of the Florida Legislature has become the most dangerous time of the year. Some years, the politicians in Tallahassee pose a greater threat to the state than do hurricanes, and the damage is not covered by insurance.

Investigating ecotage on Vail Mountain
Before dawn on Oct. 17, 1998, an elk hunter camping on Vail Mountain, Colo., heard an odd crackling noise, looked out his tent and screamed, "The mountain's on fire!" thus becoming the first witness to a daring act of arson. Someone had torched Vail Resorts' towering Two Elk Lodge, patrol headquarters and four ski lifts. By the time fire trucks could wend their way up the mountain, little remained of the structures.

ICED, by Jenny Siler (Henry Holt, $24)

Book publishing is a weird business. In a move that corporate pundits hail as synergy but I'd call a dizzying twist of advertising, the NBC-TV network has woven the publication of a novel into the plot of its daytime soap, Passions.

Book talk
PITCHING LESSIONS:Kathy Carmichael (Chasing Charlie), Debby Mayne (A New Attitude, Corpse on the Court) and Kimberly Llewellyn (Pretty Please) will conduct a workshop, How to Pitch Your Book to an Editor, 6 p.m. Tuesday at Clearwater East Library on Drew St., Clearwater.

Boomers rewrite aging
Old age isn't what it used to be -- or at least some of us are sure hoping it isn't. Some of us, in fact, apparently are planning to skip it entirely.

Great beginnings
"They say the mad hear demons calling to them, as clear as a man in the street calling their names."

Enter the old
During the past 1,000 years, our life expectancy has climbed from an average of 25 to 47 at the turn of the 20th century and skyrocketed to 76 today.  

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