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Perspective: March 11, 2001
March 11, 2001

A disaster in the making
DEP is pushing a bill that would allow water unfit for drinking to be injected into the aquifer for storage. The plan is too risky and should be rejected.

A gridiron too gross
The XFL is in trouble, which means we may finally have identified some hucksters capable of going broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

Improving the adoption law
Christopher Vietri's five-year battle to win custody of his biological son "Baby Sam" may be back to square one, but proposed adoption-law changes to prevent similar tugs-of-war in the future appear headed for passage. The state House -- the sticking point in previous years -- overwhelmingly approved the long-fought adoption bill last week, and its approval is all but assured in the Senate.

Testing shows what has been learned
Re: Learning is what's sacrificed for testing, by Martin Dyckman, March 4.

Robyn Blumner
Avoid a panicked rush to blame the media
Another "Columbine" happened Monday: A young man armed with a .22-caliber revolver opened fire in his California high school, killing two and injuring 13. Most of his victims were fellow students.

Martin Dyckman
A dubious candidate for defender
TALLAHASSEE -- A skilled lawyer is supposedly able to turn on a dime, prosecuting people one day and defending them the next. Or vice versa. But even by that standard, a dizzying pirouette may be in store at one of the three agencies that defend Florida's death row inmates.

Bill Maxwell
A moment of innocence
Pity the children.

Philip Gailey
Bush EPA chief shows curiously wide green streak so far
The Bush administration -- the one in Washington -- is for the most part behaving the way Republicans behave. At the top of President Bush's agenda is an across-the-board tax cut tilted heavily toward the wealthiest Americans (I know, they pay a disproportionate share of taxes).

Woven tales of Irish life and family
In 1996 Nuala O'Faolain's Are You Somebody?: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman brought the Irish Times columnist international acclaim.

A twist to a real story of Irish descent
As native Peter Carey knows, people Down Under have an abiding respect for those who fight the established order, and one of their favorites is the 19th century thief and murderer Ned Kelly.

Violent sentimentality
In 1990, Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho ignited a firestorm of praise, disgust, and well-timed (for book sales) controversy. Unfortunately, many readers assumed that Ellis endorsed his character's bloody rampage.

Check it out
On Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, put down that green beer and pick up one of the many available books about the Emerald Isle.

An excess of Oates
While Joyce Carol Oates is a modern master of the short story, she needs to be more selective in what she chooses to publish.

Great beginnings
"The night my grandfather tried to kill us, I was five years old, the age I stopped believing in Santa Claus, started kindergarten, and made real rather than imaginary friends."

Book talk
FUN WITH LIMERICKS: The Friends of the Library of St. Petersburg is accepting entries for a limerick contest.

'Crouching Tiger' radiates American tastes, not Chinese culture
My first meal in America was orange chicken and rice at a Manhattan Chinese restaurant. It was more than six years ago. I had just arrived from Shanghai and had never heard of orange chicken in my native China. I ordered the dish out of curiosity.

The quest for savation and a lost surfer
Allan C. Weisbecker, an author and screenwriter (his first book, Cosmic Banditos, is being made into a movie), had given up hope of ever seeing his surfing buddy Christopher again.

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