Xpress, the Coolest Section of the St. Petersburg Times, is the home for features, news and views of interest to young readers. Most of the work in Xpress, which appears on Mondays in Floridian, is produced by the Times' X-Team. The team of journalists ages 9-17 from around the Tampa Bay area is selected every year at the end of the school year to serve during the following school term. The current team of 12 was chosen out of 150 applicants. Watch for X-Team application forms in Xpress during the month of May.
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Hey, middle school isn't so bad!
Selected sixth graders who have survived the first semester have to admit it: Middle school is starting to grow on them.

[Times photo: Patty Yablonski]

An X by any other name . . .
X has been marking this spot since Jan. 17, 1995, when Xpress was born as the part of the St. Petersburg Times geared especially toward kid and teenage readers!

Hot Stuff!
It's all about Janet

School safety: Xpress wants to know
First there were bomb threats (and one explosion) in Tampa Bay area schools, and then school shootings in California and Pennsylvania. School safety is again in the news.

Submit your work to Xpressions
Xpressions is our monthly showcase for the art, writing and photography of students through the 12th grade. It appears the last Monday of each month in this space.Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting your work. Here are some upcoming themes and postmark deadlines:

Dog steals the show
See Spot Run may not be anything new, but it's good for laughs.

Too young to marry, but not to commit
Second of two parts


Xpressions, is a monthly showcase for the art, writing and photography of students through the 12th grade. Xpressions appears the last Monday of each month.

The best present I ever gave (Dec 25, 2000)

What I am most thankful for is . . . (Nov. 27, 2000)

Who are You? (Jan. 29, 2001)

Money Stuff: Get it! Spend it! Keep it!
Welcome back to the St. Petersburg Times' Newspaper in Education page. This year's series is about something we all love and wish we had more of: money.

Anne Frank: Lessons in human rights and dignity The 1999- 2000
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