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Saturday, March 17, 2001
Wall Street running red with losses
As the market concludes one of its worst weeks ever, attention shifts to Tuesday's Fed meeting. Story
Market Snapshot
As of: 13:36:09 (EDT)
Value Net Chg
DJIA 9179.81
NYSE 5525.46
NASDAQ 1648.00
Russell 2000 454.15
S&P 500 977.13
10YR T-Note (x.10) 42.21
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From the Times business pages
A quick pitch
Following the Super Bowl, quarterback Trent Dilfer rode the marketing roller coaster to national renown. Now, he may be headed back down. Story
Two sides agree on Earnhardt photos
A medical expert will examine the autopsy pictures before they are sealed. The Sentinel gets to ask him or her three questions. Story
Saudis overpower hijackers
A hijacker, crew member and passenger are killed. More than 100 passengers are safely rescued. Story
Congress takes step to revamp Medicare
Lawmakers look at a pair of reform bills. Critics say the budget can't afford them. Story
  • WLLD-FM gives Flyin' Brian the ax
  • Hiatt's solo show confirms his talent
  • Seize the day
  • Flash

    Recliners restyled
    La-Z-Boy courts a new generation of buyers with sleeker silhouettes for an old favorite. Story
    Enter the Times Oscar Contest
    Welcome to the Times Oscar Contest, your chance not only to show off your Hollywood savvy, but also to say which of the nominated movies are your personal favorites. Play
    Ex-wife admits killing

    [Times photo - Thomas M. Goethe]
    To avoid a death sentence, Katherine Freeman pleads guilty to murdering her ex-husband. Story
    The opera's overture
    Opera fans revel in their feathers and finery at the world premiere of Sacco & Vanzetti. Story
    Drinking to history, not politics
    The owner of the Irish pub Four Green Fields says he's in business to make money, not play politics. But yes, he does support the IRA. Story
    FROM THE WIRE Audio update
  • Bush Challenges Allies to Defend Turkey
  • Iraq Approves U-2 Surveillance Flights
  • NASA IDs Debris As Part of Left Wing
  • Ill. Islamic Charity Leader Pleads Guilty
  • Energy Costs Soar With Cold, Iraq Threat
  • Dow Closes Up 56, Nasdaq Gains 14
  • Penguins Trade Kovalev Back to Rangers
    Gators elevate
    in time

    Sluggish early, UF raises its level of play and avoids a first-round upset by defeating Western Kentucky 69-56. Story
    Gonzaga does it again
    The No. 12-seeded Zags edge Virginia on (sound familiar, UF fans?) a Casey Calvary putback. Story
    It's easy to watch Lemieux
    From the stands, anyway. Do so on the ice, and you and your team will fall behind in a hurry. Story
    Medicaid fees get life after death
    A computer glitch causes millions in Medicaid credits to be improperly sent to health care providers. Story
    Lucy Morgan: Candor? Principles? Just who IS this guy?
    Gary Shelton: This is one day Haslem owns
    Sandra Thompson: Stocks can fall, but we'll shop till we drop
    Alicia Caldwell: Manager finds way to keep stability
    Drought's upside: dredging time
    The county hopes to scoop more than 131,600 truckloads of muck from the bottom of the Tsala Apopka lake chain while the lake levels are low. Story
    Crystal River to test for arsenic
    Officials are concerned about the chemical's levels in the city playground and other assorted public wooden structures. Story
    Special report: The poison in your backyard
    Rumors of guns keep kids at home
    When a fight between two students smolders into rumors about a gunfight, a third of Parrott Middle students play it safe. Story
    Neighbors menaced by dogs
    Residents say a man's five dogs are trying to get into houses. The man already was cited after the dogs' fatal attack on a dachshund in February. Story
    Accused killer takes plea deal
    Jim Curtis is expected to spend nearly 14 years in prison in the death of a medically troubled boy that he had sought to adopt. Story
    Her friend at a loss to explain fatal crash
    An autopsy may shed light on why Betty Jane Chansler was weaving in and out of traffic before the accident. Story
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