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New Census 2000 Feature Search 5-county population by tract
Sunday, April 1, 2001
Baseball 2001
[Times photos: Michael Rondou]
Tampa Bay enters its fourth season striving to erase past failures and become a winning franchise. To achieve this goal, it must improve from top to bottom. These are four of the Rays who face critical junctures in their careers. Special Section
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From the Times business pages
Investing for the ages
Priorities change when you reach your 80s and 90s, especially when it comes to finances. Reducing some of life's complications is one of the best things you can do, senior members of the St. Petersburg Times Money Panel say. Story
  • Lang's growl, guitar cast spell on crowd
  • Galilei's music spans nations, genres
  • Flash
  • WVEA expands to 10-county area
  • Seize the day

    Still shining
    [Times photo: James Borchuck]
    Years ago a postcard drew Elmer Wright to The Pier in St. Petersburg, and for decades it has been his stage for singing gospel to the tourists. Story
    The heart of Miami
    [Photo: Jeff Greenberg]
    Some visitors may be more concerned about its soul, but Florida's waterfront jewel has more to offer than notoriety. Just ask its civic saviors. Story
    Congress to you: Spend the tax cut quickly
    But are you more likely to do so if you get one $300 check or a few dollars in every paycheck? Story
    Tourists fear to tread into British countryside
    Though foot-and-mouth disease is harmless to humans, anxiety and misinformation are keeping people away in droves. Story
    FROM THE WIRE Audio update
  • Bush Challenges Allies to Defend Turkey
  • Iraq Approves U-2 Surveillance Flights
  • NASA IDs Debris As Part of Left Wing
  • Ill. Islamic Charity Leader Pleads Guilty
  • Energy Costs Soar With Cold, Iraq Threat
  • Dow Closes Up 56, Nasdaq Gains 14
  • Penguins Trade Kovalev Back to Rangers
    CENSUS 2000
    Challenge zone sees population shrinking
    Traditional black neighborhoods lose residents as the city's African-American numbers rise overall. Story
    Search Florida information
    New! Search 5-county population by tract

    Prayer makes medical advances
    More doctors are recognizing that spirituality can be a factor in healing. Story
    Options limited when LASIK doesn’t work
    Complications are rare, but patients find doctors have few fixes when they do happen. Story
    Final clash: Duke-Arizona
    Arizona 80, Michigan State 61. A 25-3 run to start the second half propels the Wildcats and ends the Spartans' bid for a repeat. Game 1
    Duke 95, Maryland 84. The Blue Devils stun the Terps with a 33-point turnaround. Game 2
    RaysSmith wins shot at second
    The Rays send Brent Abernathy to Durham, enabling them to keep both talented infielders. Story
    Tiger's streak begs major question
    With three straight major titles, Woods has a grand opportunity this week. But would it be a Grand Slam? Story
    Top Capitol police sue employers
    Two officers allege a "silly internal power play" led to their being illegally interrogated. Story
    Gary Shelton: For 7-1 Woods, win was measure of the man
    Robert Trigaux: On opening day, some business questions for boys of summer
    Mary Jo Melone:
    A master at doing what he loves says it's time to leave it behind
    Jan Glidewell:
    Forecast for today: In hell, it's snowing
    Bill Maxwell:
    Rev. Jackson's time has come to step down
    Martin Dyckman:
    Legislators pass conflicting bills on health insurance industry
    Don Addis:
    The things we did as kids
    Leaders push county wants
    Commissioners share with county representatives, and others who will listen, their desires for this legislative session. Story
    Scallop comeback: Did restocking do it?
    The shellfish rebounded in areas near aquaculture programs. Some scientists hope to resurrect the farming operation, as debate swirls on lifting a harvesting ban. Story
    Pirates' Arroyo is in 'The Show'
    The Brooksville native pitches his way to a spot on the major-league team's 25-man roster. Story
    School envisions a program for the best, brightest
    Springstead wants a school within a school that would push top students to excel. But some question the idea's viability. Story
    Deadline on cell towers looms
    A 90-day moratorium expires this month, and Pasco has yet to begin to rewrite its ordinance on the controversial towers. Story
    Schools study ways to ease time crunch
    Stretching the school day or lengthening the school year are two possibilities. Story


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