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 May 13, 2000

The road from ruin
[Times photo: Cherie Diez]
The secret behind this little B&B is that not too long ago it was a dilapidated 1912 eyesore targeted for destruction. All it needed was a load of money and a lot of backbreaking work to bring it back to splendor. Story

  • Running an inn can put you out
    Sure, you can play happy host, but can you play it with your hands full of cleaning supplies while you're shelling out a small fortune?

Kooky castoffs for your castle
Early morning shoppers swarm to grab the oversized and the unusual at Burdines' annual display and prop sale.

Work with the drought
Tips to keep your garden and lawn from dying of thirst. Story

Home briefs
After years of recommending trendy counter treatments for your kitchen, some experts are backing away. American Homestyle and Gardening magazine polled 11 top designers for their advice on everything from appliances to flooring to storage.

New products from Mister Clean and Miracle-Gro
Old Mister Clean is coming through once again.

Directors, not unit owners, elect officers
Question: We elect our condo officers by majority vote: president, secretary and treasurer. The bylaws mention a board of directors, but it is nonexistent. The president has assumed absolute power.

Heat-loving blooms for your summer garden
We can all feel the weather heating up into the statewide sauna we Floridians call summer. Anyone who has tried to bring color to container gardens or landscape with newly purchased flowers during that drab green steambath has watched them cook, then wither away.

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