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 Tampa Bay: May 14, 2000 South Pinellas County news
Grand plans afoot for Weedon Island's Indian center
As much as 100,000 square feet may be devoted to exhibits, classrooms and research on American Indian life along Tampa Bay.

Extra property tax break defeated
City Council feared the additional homestead exemption for low-income seniors would cost the city too much money.

'Hippie' turns out to be a Good Samaritan
The adage "Don't judge a book by its cover" is still significant.

Blurred memory crystalizes in a song
I didn't need a memory of my mother. Not when I was a child. What did I need with a memory? I had her. She had me. In her hair, under her feet and on her strained nerves, she had me. The only memory I needed of her then was the memory of the last switching I got for going to the river against constant commands to stay away. As a child, a memory served only to keep me out of trouble.

Men injured in collision of watercraft
ST. PETERSBURG -- It was Shelton Mobley's first time on a Sea Doo personal watercraft, but the ride came to an abrupt end. He and a friend crashed into each other Saturday off Gandy Beach, and Mobley was undergoing surgery to save his partly amputated left leg.

Gay rights message delivered in protest, arrest
A St. Petersburg man is among hundreds arrested in Cleveland in a civil disobedience effort to change Methodist policy.

Jeweler not quick to return valuables
PINELLAS PARK -- Police say they won't be filing charges against a jeweler who took customers' belongings with him when he closed abruptly at the beginning of the month.

Council tries to trim park renovation costs
Pinellas Park hopes fewer amenities shave Broderick Park improvements down to only 10 percent over the $1.9-million budget.

A lesson in honesty, crystallized
A 10-year-old baseball player corrects an umpire's call in his team's favor. The boy's sincerity and sportsmanship inspire fans of both teams.

Post office prowls area ZIP codes
The truck has nearly everything a stationary post office does and makes about 40 stops a week delivering postal service.

Redington house featured in Kmart ad
Part of the gazebo and a historic home built by Charley Redington will be seen in the six national commercials.

A year later, schoolmates plant a tree for Lyssa
Lyssa Rhubottom was killed by a car while riding her bicycle. Her parents attend a memorial ceremony at her school.

Food and love inspire top card in nation
A toaster strudel leads to a Mother's Day card that brings $5,000 to its 12-year-old creator, $5,000 to his school and more.

Eviction threat preceded deli closing
Chicago Deli was late paying property taxes and rent, according to court records. The owner shut the restaurant in late April.

Humble guest has a dignified perch
A blue toilet is getting a glimpse of the good life on the 12th floor of Vinoy Place.

Group hopes to strengthen influence
ST. PETERSBURG -- Is there enough common ground for the Council of Business Associations to develop into a strong advocacy organization for small and mid-size businesses?

Madeira Beach flood grants clear snag
City officials are told to expect payment as scheduled after the incident involving Commissioner Saxon.

Old boxes hold key to $1-million donor
Galatea Lebus traveled the world and danced to polkas and Greek music. When she died, she left South Pasadena a fortune.

Greek nymph to move to S Pasadena
Audrey Flack will create the statue for a public garden, both purchased through a $1-million bequest.

Property sale approved to fund railroad station
PINELLAS PARK -- City Council members unanimously agreed Thursday to sell an office building and the historical society for $600,000. The money eventually will be used to build a railroad station on Park Boulevard to act as the centerpiece of redevelopment in that area of Pinellas Park.

Pinellas Park property shows increase in value
Among the causes of the increase are annexation, new construction and the high demand for houses.

Event positively thwarts frustration
Field Day gives kids at a school of last resort the opportunity to burn off their ample energy.

Tussle erupts over unincorporated area
Kenneth City and Pinellas Park are itching to annex the same chunk of land. Both plan to tout benefits to get property owners to sign on.

Push to save Sunken Gardens wins award
Other awards recognize the city's worst preservation losses, greatest successes and significant artifacts.

Reading program opens a page on lifetime of learning
Through Baby Steps, low-income parents are encouraged to read to their children from the womb until at least 3.

Deuprees are 'first family'' at Fun 'n Sun Run
A Palm Harbor family of six had a fun day at last Saturday's Fun 'n Sun Run in downtown Clearwater.

National gym honors cap big year for Turners
Tampa Bay Turners gymnasts had a banner year at the local, state, regional and national levels.

YABA tourney to pay winner $25,000 in scholarship aid
Gary and Pamela Beck of Batesville, Va., hope to put $25,000 into a young bowler's college scholarship fund -- in one lump sum.

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