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May 12, 2001

house of detail A bay area remodeling contractor has won national recognition for his careful historical renovation of a waterfront jewel. Story

[Photo: CPS]

Shaping our past, our future
At the recent kitchen and bath trade show in Orlando, I was surrounded by the newest and shiniest, the most extravagant, the most ridiculous -- copper-plated toilets! whirlpools with DVD screens! barbecues the size of covered wagons!

Home Front
Briefs and news of note

Lien trumps homestead exemption
Question: Our condominium property manager and our board have allowed a delinquent owner to escape into bankruptcy.

Bird's action may be mating behavior
Question: My peach-faced lovebird regurgitates food, then eats it. Is there a reason for this behavior?

Be prepared for the great giveaway
Get ready for one of the finest displays of requests and giveaways ever to appear in this column, and it's all yours this very day. So, with no further lollygagging, let's get into the week's mail.

Fronds in need
Put your palms and cycads on a nutritious diet. They need more soil amendment than most gardeners realize. Balanced feeding is the simplest way to enhance their beauty and prevent disease.

Contribute research results
Last of three parts.

Kitchen designer wins first place
Sharon W. Armstrong of Armstrong's Kitchen & Bath Ideas in St. Petersburg won first place in competition sponsored by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.  

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