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Perspective: May 20, 2001
May 20, 2001

Squeezing universities
Assault on education

Help parents pay child support
Florida lawmakers passed a bill this session ratcheting up criminal penalties against parents who fail to pay child support. Providing for one's children is serious business, and imprisonment may be an appropriate last resort for monied parents who intentionally and repeatedly flout their obligations. But many parents are deadbeat because they are dead broke. Instead of throwing these parents in jail, authorities would accomplish more -- for the state and for children -- by helping them land in a job.

Adding to the misery
International family planning supporters feared their victory would be brief earlier this month when a House committee voted to overturn President Bush's executive order banning U.S. aid to groups that discuss abortion abroad. It was. On Wednesday, the full House voted, 218-210, to restore the ban.

Pornography destroys relationships
Robyn Blumner got one thing right in her May 13 column Moralists punish youths' natural sexual curiosity. It was her final statement: "I just don't get it." That's right, Robyn. You don't get it.

Robyn E. Blumner
New form of creationism shouldn't be in school curriculum
The Scopes Monkey Trial is more than 75 years old but the effort to compromise the teaching of evolution in public schools seems ever-young. Today, creationism is back under a new, politically astute guise.

Bill Maxwell
Nicey-niced ourselves to grotesqueness
I am so angry that I am red in the face.

Philip Gailey
Teenage sex, the law and a prosecutor's dilemma
Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe, a bear of a man and an aggressive crime-fighter, was wounded by a recent Times editorial criticizing him for prosecuting teenagers who get their girlfriends pregnant.

Martin Dyckman
Redistrict with limited input
TALLAHASSEE -- At one of Jimmy Carter's conventions his staff set up headquarters in a large room that was open to the public so everyone could see it.

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