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Perspective: June 3, 2001
June 3, 2001

Bush's rush to privatize
In his eagerness to turn more government services over to private companies, Gov. Jeb Bush seems willing to overlook questions about actually saving money.

GOP's curious complaint
The Florida Republican Party is understandably unhappy that Florida Democrats plan to raise funds nationwide to use against Gov. Jeb Bush next year. GOP Chairman Al Cardenas calls it "carpetbagging," and there are surely many proud Florida voters of all political persuasions who would agree.

Tougher allergen law still needed
Although most food allergy attacks happen at restaurants or homes and are generally not the fault of food corporations, labels are essential for the estimated 7-million food allergy sufferers who need to know exactly what they're eating. While current laws require companies to catalog on food labels some allergy-provoking ingredients such as milk and eggs, the industry just announced new voluntary guidelines that mandate a tally of all trace additives that might trigger allergic reactions as well.

Baseless personal attacks are wrong
A recent Mary Jo Melone column (Page after page, and still no heart, April 10) states that adoption lawyers opposing my adoption reform legislation "are surely no more or less greedy than personal injury lawyers like" me. Ms. Melone relies on no facts, other than the mere status of my occupation, in what appears to me to be an effort to oppose my legislation by discrediting me. My integrity should be measured by my conduct, not my profession.

Robyn E. Blumner
Common law marriage is no substitute for marriage
Leave it to Utah to put a new twist on the shotgun wedding. Rather than getting the reluctant groom to commit at the point of a gun, Utah merely issues a decree of common law marriage. Men no longer have to utter the phrase "I do," the state does it for them.

Philip Gailey
Jeffords, Miller, Carville and the Democratic Party
This is a tale of two U.S. senators -- James Jeffords of Vermont and Zell Miller of Georgia. Inside the Washington Beltway, the former is a saint, the latter a sinner.

Tim Nickens
A weekend of brotherly love for the Bushes
As the president and Florida's governor enjoy the weekend at Camp David before heading to Everglades National Park and on to Tampa Monday, they should share more than Sunday dinner.

Bill Maxwell
A place vs. people without a place
Language is people: the human comedy and tragedy -- Robert Claiborne.

Martin Dyckman
From construction to deconstruction
TALLAHASSEE -- Having been invited along with some other journalists to describe the recent legislative session to the Capitol City Tiger Bay Club, I had some trouble finding the right words.

Don Addis
Bad-mouth bullies are nothing
Some schools have decided to get tough on bullies, instituting new "zero tolerance" policies, including punishment for just speaking rudely to other kids.  

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