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Perspective: June 24, 2001
June 24, 2001

A strong message on gulf drilling
The U.S. House of Representatives' strong stand against drilling in the gulf shows the depth of opposition to a high-risk component of President Bush's energy plan. While only a temporary setback for the president, the vote underscores the concerns Americans across the political spectrum share about the environmental and economic risks of offshore gas and oil exploration.

Explorer safety
To protect consumers from unsafe cars and trucks, Congress should force the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to do its job.

Zero tolerance needed for safe schools
Re: Zero tolerance produces a foolish educational consistency, June 17.

Bill Maxwell
Israeli settlements: outposts of national lunacy
I came to understand the real meaning of the terms "occupation" and "settlers" in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict two years ago as I looked out the window of my room at the Marriott Hotel in Nazareth, a northern city in the West Bank.

Robyn E. Blumner
Amtrak snitches on riders for profits
Amtrak, the financially struggling national passenger rail system, has found a new way to generate revenue: by snitching.

Philip Gailey
Frankel plans to seek governorship as 'the anti-Bush'
Lois Frankel, who plans to announce her candidacy for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination soon, stopped by for a visit the other day to make sure I am not one of those Floridians who has a problem with seeing a woman in the governor's office.

Martin Dyckman
HMOs are a good reason for lawyers
TALLAHASSEE -- If President Bush has a favorite quotation from Shakespeare, it's got to be this one: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

Barbara L. Fredericksen
If you can't follow the rules, don't move into the neighborhood
To hear some people tell it, homeowner associations are the neighborhood equivalent of the IRS -- unreasonable, arbitrary and, gosh darn it, out of control.

Frederick R. Strobel
Paltry U.S. economic aid has hurt Russia's chances of democracy
President Bush, meeting earlier this month with Russian President Vladimir Putin, found himself dealing with a quite different head of state than either Bill Clinton or his father faced.

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