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June 30, 2001

Power busters
[Times art : Amy Dickey]
You can do something about those high utility bills. Help put the brakes on our country's out-of-control consumption of energy.

  • 60 ways to save energy (and money)
    Here are 60 of energy expert Jim Dulley's top tips for saving energy around the house during the summer. References to his column direct readers to earlier columns and Update Bulletins that can be viewed or ordered at his Web site,
  • White roofs save energy
    When you're buying a new roof, think white.

Home Front
Briefs and news of note

Help save their July 4 feasting
With Independence Day almost upon us, let's see if we can add flavor to two readers' Fourth of July cookouts. Let's start with Bill, who asks a plaintive question: Does anyone know where a transplanted Bostonian can purchase New England-style hot dog rolls without special ordering?

Confusion over president's vote
Question: Our board insists that the president can vote only in cases of ties. Others say the president can vote on any issue. When our president is absent, he designates someone to vote his proxy. Is this proper?

mangoMad about mangoes
That's Mark Safko. (And mangoes appear to like him too.) He babies the succulent fruit, more at home a bit further south, and his persistence and passion have paid off in prized harvests of many varieties.

Land records can turn up data
William Essick didn't leave a will when he died in the late 1700s, but he did pass on a parcel of land that helped his descendants prove important family ties two centuries later.

Big bucks in those coin jars
If you've got a coffee can or a jar around the house accumulating pocket change, take a close look. Those coins add up.

Meet some gargantuan ants
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota will open its Big Bugs exhibit Wednesday, featuring three enormous ant sculptures. David Rogers created the 700-pound, 25-foot-long insects from whole trees, cut green saplings, dry branches and other natural forest materials. They will be on display through Dec. 31.


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