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June 25, 2001
Clicking to fly
[Times files: Toni L. Sandys 1999]
Orbitz, an online travel agency owned by the nation's five largest airlines, has taken flight amid criticism that it's a cartel in the making. But whether it will help travelers find the lowest air fare remains to be seen. Story
  • In search of low fares
    Shopping for inexpensive airline tickets online is like playing the Lotto: You never know what numbers will come up.

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Getting two Windows PCs to talk
Q. I have two computers networked and can access the Windows 98 computer from the Windows NT computer. When I try to access the NT computer from the Win98 computer, it asks for a password. I am administrator on the NT computer with no password. Even when I give the NT computer an administrator password, it doesn't work from the Win98 computer. How can I access the NT computer from the Win98 computer and allow the Win98 computer access to the NT disk drives and printer?  

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