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June 26, 2001
Lasting harmony The Tampa Bay Symphony blends old and young volunteer musicians and energizes them all. Story

[Times photo: Jamie Francis]

What's your take on age, intimacy?
Intimacy, sensuality and romance can nourish us all, no matter what our age or stage in life. It's how we share ourselves with others, how we experience love. It can sizzle with passionate abandon. It can arrive softly as a gentle touch or soothing voice.

The disease we cannot forget
Nearly every single one of us can plead guilty to joking about Alzheimer's disease. We forget our keys; maybe we have "old-timer's" disease. We can't easily summon up a friend's name; must be Alzheimer's.

Wide-eyed wonder after cataract surgery
One of my earliest memories revolves around the death of one of my grandmothers. I'm not sure how old I was at the time, maybe around 4, but the night she died stands out in my memory. It was a summer evening. About dusk, I became aware of frantic activity involving my parents and some of our neighbors. Then I heard people talking about what had happened.

'Phantom' loves to entertain
Retired police officer Paul Stevio is loving his second career -- making music.

Learning through the ages
Members of the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College, ages 45 to 92, study for the intellectual and social stimulation, not for new careers.

Determination, acceptance are the keys to recovery
John Nicolazzi, 75, walks, dances and practices his golf swing on a prosthetic leg. "You need to accept your handicap and learn to live with it," Nicolazzi says.

Memory filing means more active brains
We get older, we forget stuff. Sometimes we worry that Alzheimer's is setting in, or maybe it's senile dementia. On the other hand, it could just be that there's too much stuff to remember.

Not all home deliveries live only in memories
I remember when milk was delivered to our homes. My father was a milkman and delivered the glass bottles of milk and cream in a horse-drawn wagon. When I was a child in Denver, a bread man came once a week. Even as recently as 30 years ago, Charles Chips would bring big cans of potato chips to the door. I also remember an old man who lumbered down the street once a year, offering to sharpen scissors and knives. I'd really like to see him pushing his cart toward my house today.

Making music at nursing homes
Virginia M. Donahue moved to Clearwater in 1993 and decided that one of the rewards of retirement was to sit leisurely, with a cup of coffee, and read the newspaper from end to end. It was this activity that introduced her to the St. Petersburg Times Seniority section. Donahue read an article about a nurse who played the piano at nursing homes, volunteering her time.

Proper pain management can and should be provided
Have you ever walked down the aisle of a drugstore and observed the array of pain relievers? All the over-the-counter drugs, plus the many prescribed drugs, point to the fact that pain -- to one degree or another -- affects all of us.

Exercise an effective preventive medicine
What might be the most important step you can take, not just to slow down the aging process, but to reverse it? The answer is strength-training, says William Evans of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University,

When a woman's job didn't depend upon her ability
Imagine that you were applying for your first full-time job. You are well-qualified for the position, but after your interview, you are told you won't be hired because you are too marriageable. Imagine also that there are no sex discrimination laws and no ACLU to help you.

Celebrate the 4th and other sparkling events
The Fourth of July is a wonderful time to celebrate family and community, as well as the birthday of our country. Back in the late '50s, we used to take a charcoal grill, hot dogs and buns, a cooler for soft drinks and a big watermelon and set up for our feast on the south end of Clearwater Beach, where a charcoal fire was still permitted.  

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