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July 5, 2001

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photo Parties, picnics, awards ceremonies and entertainment are highlights of the weekend. Story

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Pride without prejudice
Tampa's 16th PrideFest is a mix of parties, politics and entertainment.

PrideFest Highlights

'Cats and Dogs': silliness unleashed
The premise is cute, the effects convincing. But in the end, this Mission: Impossible in fur seems like a missed opportunity.

Only scary -- or funny -- the first time
The Wayans brothers' second installment of bad taste lacks the imagination and spark of the first.

Movies: Top Five
Current movies recommended by the Times.

Family Movie Guide
The Family Movie Guide should be used along with the Motion Picture Association of America rating system for selecting movies suitable for children.

Indie Flicks
Movies in limited release:

Planning a nap? Grab these films

Upcoming DVD/Video Attractions and rankins
Upcoming DVD/Video Attractions

Team Pop Trivia
This week's winner: Marion Selby of Seminole knew the very odd last two words of Queen's 1986 hit One Vision are "fried chicken." Selby can sing We Are the Champions with other winners of the Weekend T-shirt.

Pop: Ticket Window
Mekka featuring Junior Sanchez, De La Soul, Common, Biz Markie, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Roni Size, others, 6 p.m., Aug. 10, Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa. Tickets ($40) on sale at 10 a.m. Sat. at Ticketmaster (813) 287-8844 or (727) 898-2100.

Pop: Hot Ticket
Buckcherry lands at Jannus

Get Away
Get Away: Hot Ticket
Defy gravity

Get away: Down the road
Events to watch for; details in future editions of Weekend.

Solitary spirit
John Henry's Wandering Spirit packs sufficient emotion and influence to justify a one-piece exhibition.

Art: Best bets
Art critic Mary Ann Marger's recommendations for this weekend. Please refer to the Art Calendar for details.

Art: Hot Ticket
Sarasota's own

Albert's puts the thrill back in Chinese
At long last, a restaurant worthy of San Francisco's Chinatown has opened in Tampa. Enjoy the real thing, and be adventurous -- the rewards are memorable.

Side dish
Hamburger U?

Nite Out
Nite Out: Ticket Window
Actor/comedian John Leguizamo, 8 p.m., July 29, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa. Tickets ($32.50) on sale at 10 a.m. Fri. at the box office (813) 229-7827 or at Ticketmaster (813) 287-8844 or (727) 898-2100.

Loving every minute of it
Jason Tucker, veteran of many community theater productions, is putting on a show, Triumph of Love, at the Palladium.

Stage: Hot Ticket
Claudia Shear has been a toilet cleaner, a brunch chef, a hat-check girl, a nude model, a proofreader on Wall Street, a receptionist in a whorehouse -- 64 jobs in all, chronicled in the solo play she wrote and starred in, Blown Sideways Through Life.

Stage: Down the road
Green -- Jeff Baron's play Visiting Mr. Green, with Brian Shea and Ronald J. Aulgur, opens July 13 at American Stage. $20 to $28.

Summer camp survival kit
A trip to a camp away from home can be exhilarating, whether for a week, a month or most of the summer. The camps provide lists of necessities -- and contraband. Most have basics such as sunscreen and insect repellent on hand. The mildly homesick will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a care package sent along for the trip.

In the market
Goodwill opens superstore

Time Out
Exhibit highlights darker, erotic side of life
Few are able to express the darker, more erotic sides of the human existence. This week four local artists will do that when they bring to life the stark walls and open spaces of the Hyde Park Fine Arts gallery Friday through Aug. 11.

Pied pipers of puppetry
Folks who make a living with puppets get together periodically to exchange ideas and stimulate creativity. A week-long conference, 2001 -- A Puppet Odyssey, is coming to Tampa.

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