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Friday, August 25, 2000
Roll 'em
[Times photo illustration: Jeff Goertzen]
The fall movie preview: The late Gene Siskel always covered his eyes and ears whenever a critics' screening was preceded by preview trailers. He didn't want his critical judgment tainted by preconceptions, good or bad. Story

College Football 2000 Preview
In the year 2000, we enter a new decade. It is time to peer into the crystal ball for a forecast of what’s to come? More success and glory? Or downturns on the horizon? Look and see for yourself. Stories

The real Melissa
Launched into 22 weeks of fame on MTV's The Real World, Melissa Howard of Valrico and Hollywood, Calif., wonders where life will lead her. So do her fans, no doubt.

Five charged in celebrity auto thefts
Cars belonging to Warren Sapp, Dwight Gooden and Shaquille O'Neal were stolen from a car audio shop in Tampa, authorities say. Story

Mrs. Lyons' ordeal ends quietly
Deborah Lyons, wife of the fallen minister, is released early from her probation for setting fire to a Tierra Verde home. Story

Saunders breaks arm again
ST. PETERSBURG -- Tony Saunders' career came to an apparent end Thursday night 12 blocks and 15 months from where he threw his final major-league pitch. Story

Chemical reactions will be monitored
Culpepper's release was another jolt to the Bucs' chemistry, which will be a preseason finale focus. Story

Lawsuit names Winters, Griffin
Among other things, it claims an investigation of the USF women's basketball coach was covered up by the school's AD. Story

Haunted, victim's mother keeps vigil to watch killer die
STARKE -- Pamela Belford traveled seven hours to this bleak, north Florida town Tuesday to see the state kill the man who murdered her daughter. Story

Kidnapper accepts plea, may face life
The man who abducted a 10-year-old girl pleads no contest to charges. The girl and her family are spared a trial. Story

Fox makes a bold debut in U.S.
The president-elect of Mexico dreams of open borders. U.S. officials doubt that can happen any time soon. Story

As CEO, Cheney's reviews mixed
Some praise Dick Cheney for doubling the size of Halliburton, the company he ran. Others are critical of his oversight. Story

Huntington grows its insurance presence
The Ohio bank buys a general insurer in Florida as it seeks to develop a deeper relationship with customers. Story

Gary Shelton: Nervous Bucs fans should watch these 10 things
Ernest Hooper: Floridians enjoy a rare game by ABC's Jackson

Terror won't catch deputies unready
LECANTO -- If terrorists ever hijack a bus and take hostages in Citrus County, residents can rest easy. Thanks to former Israeli military specialist Hanan Yadin, local law officers will know what to do. Story

Volunteer faces 2nd sex abuse charge
The family of a 10-year-old boy accuses a Brooksville church volunteer of sexually assaulting their child. Story

Pasco backs gas pipeline, with a catch
Buccaneer Gas Pipeline would give the county $565,000 and pay for safety features to lay pipe through Pasco. Story

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