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Perspective: September 9, 2001
September 9, 2001

Meeting TIA's parking challenge
Tampa International Airport has increased its parking capacity by 70 percent in the last five years, but spaces are expensive and finding one is still a struggle. The lots are crammed, shuttle service is poor, cabs are expensive and valet parking, which is attractive to many business fliers, is not practical for the majority of travelers who pay their own way.

Guns and responsibility
One way the Tampa community dealt with the murder of three law enforcement officers three years ago was by creating a gun safety program called "Cease Fire Tampa." It was not pro-gun or anti-gun; rather, the message focused on how to handle weapons safely.

A conspicuous retreat
The state's decision to cut back on growth management efforts is worrisome, especially in light of Gov. Jeb Bush's pro-development record.

Don't neglect the need for a U.S. fleet
Re: Sailor shortage could cut supply lines, Sept. 2.

Robyn E. Blumner
Abortioncam is disheartening but it's legally sound
Neal Horsley of Carrollton, Ga., the anti-abortion zealot whose Nuremberg Files Web site listed the names of abortion doctors and crossed out those who had been murdered, has a new weapon in his war against legal abortion. He is using the Web to distribute video of doctors, patients and employees entering and leaving abortion clinics in order to "expose the evil of legalized abortion." He calls it an "abortioncam" and he wants to bring it to a public access cable channel near you.

Bill Maxwell
Israeli rejection of U.N. conference silenced potential talks
Israel, with the blessings of the United States, pulled out of the U.N. conference on racism in Durban, South Africa. Initially, I thought that Israel should have sent delegates to the conference, even as Arab leaders and their supporters equated Zionism with racism.

Martin Dyckman
Economic event turns political
TALLAHASSEE -- Meetings of the Florida General Revenue Estimating Conference normally are, as one participant once put it, "dry as toast." The press comes for the results, avoiding the daylong discussions that would lull them to sleep.

Philip Gailey
Democrats need to repay black voters for their loyalty
The Democratic Party owes a huge debt to black America, and it's about time it started making more than token payments. Black voters are one of its most loyal constituency groups, sometimes to the point of voting against their own interests. And that loyalty has yet to be adequately repaid. No political party should be able to take any voting group for granted.  

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