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September 13, 2001
Nationwide hunt spreads to 3 Florida cities
[Special to the Times: Vance Jacobs]
Rescuers work through the ruins of the World Trade Center on Wednesday with back hoes.
Armed investigators raided a hotel room in Boston, stopped a train in Providence, R.I., and conducted searches in three Florida cities Wednesday, as perhaps the largest investigation in the nation's history came into sharper focus and picked up speed.

FBI seizes records of students at flight schools
Federal agents worked furiously Wednesday to determine if the hijackers responsible for the worst attack in U.S. history learned how to fly in Florida.

Bin Laden says he's pleased but not involved
The top suspect praises the attacks on the United States as "a punishment from Allah," a journalist with ties to him says.

Ordinary flight from Boston took suspicious turn
BOSTON -- American Airlines Flight 11 to Los Angeles took off on schedule out of the tangle of construction choking Boston's Logan Airport, right on time at 7:59 Tuesday morning.

Pilots trained not to fight hijackers
The manual for airline pilots, experts say, reflects the 1970s when hijackers had transportation, not terrorism, in mind.

11 die in new Mideast violence
JERUSALEM -- In a surge of violence punctuated by a thrust into a West Bank town by Israeli tanks, 10 Palestinians, including a 9-year-old girl, were killed by Israeli army fire on Wednesday, and an Israeli settler was shot dead by Palestinian gunmen.

NATO allies pledge to stand with U.S.
BRUSSELS -- In a strong show of support, Washington's NATO allies declared Wednesday that the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington can be considered an attack on the whole alliance if they were directed from abroad.

The flight seen by entire world
Of the four, the crash of Flight 175 seemed, in some ways, the most chillingly deliberate.

European airports increase security
Transportation officials from throughout Europe will discuss ways to make cockpits more secure. Meanwhile, passengers wait for flights to resume.

As it grows dark, so does the mood in Manhattan
With streets vacant and rescuers idle, "Everybody is sad."

City requests 11,000 body bags
NEW YORK -- Police sealed the streets to most traffic, but the man in the semitrailer truck leaned out his cab Wednesday, shipping papers in hand. His cargo was needed by the people working in the New York City medical examiner's office.

Floridians suffer agonizing waits and final calls that say: I love you
When two hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center on Tuesday, Ann Ragiel of Clearwater sat glued to her TV, awestruck yet safely detached. She could think of no one who worked there.

U.S. ramps up the rhetoric, weighs options
WASHINGTON -- With shock setting in and revenge on people's minds, President Bush escalated the rhetoric Wednesday, declaring the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were "acts of war" rather than "acts of terror."

35 questions
Sorting it out, looking ahead.

Smoke, dust pose disease risk, doctors warn
NEW YORK -- The huge plume of smoke and grit that spread from the World Trade Center could trigger attacks of asthma, emphysema and other chronic lung disease even a day or two after people were exposed, doctors said Wednesday.

'We'll see you when we get back'
WASHINGTON -- Most of the seats were empty on American Airlines Flight 77, a twin-engined Boeing 757, and the people who sat near windows for the flight from Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles had a crystal-clear view of the Blue Ridge mountains and then the Ohio River Valley far below.

Decision to stay doomed many
Within about one crucial hour at the World Trade Center, action or indecision helped determine life or death.

Amid grim work, the Pentagon stirs
Workers return as fires are extinguished, and President Bush visits. But it's hardly business as usual.

Electronic cries of desperation
When phone communications jammed Tuesday and early Wednesday, people concerned about missing friends and relatives took to Internet bulletin boards with heart-wrenching stories and pleas for information. This is a sampling:

Child experts recommend being honest, reassuring with your kids
Children need not know all the details but should be reassured that they are safe.

Tips for traveling
Try to make reservations by phone or online before showing up at a terminal or agency counter to avoid any crowds or waits.

Threat kept Bush on the move
Specific and credible" threats to the White House and Air Force One delayed the president's return yesterday.

Unity replaces conflict as Congress gets behind president
WASHINGTON -- Congress declared a national day of mourning Wednesday as Democrats and Republicans stood unified and, they said, uncowed in the face of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Survivors, loved ones tell three tales of terror from the towers
Two manage to flee to safety while another is pulled from the rubble badly injured.

New York Muslims feel the glare
NEW YORK -- The muezzin's call to evening prayer intoned across Atlantic Avenue -- over the head of the police officer named Shapiro, past the Islamic bookstore -- and drifted north, where the droning cadence mixed with the ashen smell of buildings still smouldering across the river.

Fliers plead for information on victims of plane attacks
Relatives anxious to learn about the missing paper the city with fliers.

With travel, it's catch as catch can
Rental firms and bus and train stations are swamped with calls from people who want to get home -- now.

Around the nation
EMS reports spike in service calls Tuesday
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