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Friday, September 14, 2001
Gabrielle moves inland
click here for florida forecastThe storm is weakening rapidly as it heads across the state. No injuries reported sd dtorm spins off tornadoes
Sunshine Skyway and Gandy Bridge have opened
Residents asked to keep off roads.
Bay area schools closed.


Emergency personnel carry an orange body bag Thursday containing the remains of an attack victim at the World Trade Center. New York Major Rudolph Giuliani announced that the number of people known dead or reported missing is nearly 5,000.

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Report: Bin Laden sought new hiding place Tuesday
Within minutes of the attacks, Osama bin Laden moved without saying where he was going or where he had been. Story
Congress nears passage of antiterrorism aid
The package may cost as much as $40-billion. Lawmakers also support a resolution on using force. Story
Apocalypse seen in recent events
Citing the Bible and Nostradamus, some people find affirmation that the end is near. Story
Cancellations and postponements
Cancellations Story
More vigils, fund drives planned
In light of Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, several prayer services and memorials have been scheduled. Nonprofit groups are trying to raise money to help victims and their families. What follows is a list of some of those events. Story
Grounded airlines get green light, but few jets in the air
Passengers largely take the inconvenience and confusion of new security precautions in stride. Story
Muslims feel local backlash
After some vandalism against homes and businesses, Tampa Bay area Muslims are growing fearful. Story
Travel agents busy helping fliers get home
Passengers stranded when airlines were grounded Tuesday turn to the professionals to find their way home. Story
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War will be long, focused on goals
WASHINGTON -- President Bush and his advisers laid the groundwork Thursday for a broad, full-fledged U.S. military campaign against terrorism, possibly beginning with a strike against the Islamic militant Osama bin Laden. Story

Nervous nation awaits answers
A nation on edge faced the prospect of a long, dangerous war Thursday even as it began to comprehend the staggering dimensions of an unprecedented terrorist attack. Story
A neighborhood and a survivor remember squad's 'fire boys'
Seven firefighters from Squad 18 were among the first on the scene at the World Trade Center. One survived. Story
Updates from the wire:
  • Bush Challenges Allies to Defend Turkey
  • Iraq Approves U-2 Surveillance Flights
  • NASA IDs Debris As Part of Left Wing
  • Ill. Islamic Charity Leader Pleads Guilty
  • Energy Costs Soar With Cold, Iraq Threat
  • Dow Closes Up 56, Nasdaq Gains 14
  • Penguins Trade Kovalev Back to Rangers

    Mary Jo Melone: Fear haunts our neighbors, the ones who practice Islam

    Howard Troxler: Life's routines press in on grief

    Robert Trigaux: Business world's losses reach into the bay area

    Gary Shelton: NFL postpone-ments right on the mark

    Jan Glidewell: Reactions in tough times show our core

    Susan Taylor Martin: A neighbor-hood and a survivor remember squad's 'fire boys'
  • Pakistan offers to help U.S., up to a point
  • Engineer: Impact showed World Trade Center's strength
  • What is Islam?
  • Report: Bin Laden sought new hiding place Tuesday
  • Indonesia ripe for bin Laden
  • Russia joins NATO to oppose terrorism
  • Risks don't slow volunteer resolve
  • Victims: Scout, nurse, family
  • Congress nears passage of antiterrorism aid
  • Attack victims
  • Nearby buildings may be stable
  • Men linked to the investigation
  • Passenger planes won't carry cargo
  • War will be long, focused on goals
  • Apocalypse seen in recent events
  • Desperate relatives plaster fliers all over
  • Navy moves operations center after attack on Pentagon
  • Attack victims were from around world
  • 'I walked out .... I made it out alive'
  • Outpouring of grief and sympathy sweeps across globe
  • Nervous nation awaits answers
  • Mexican plane crash kills 16 U.S. tourists
  • Tanks again on the move in West Bank

  • Cancellations and postponements
  • More vigils, fund drives planned
  • Grounded airlines get green light, but few jets in the air
  • Muslims feel local backlash
  • Tampa Bay briefs

  • Travel agents busy helping fliers get home
  • In brief
  • Companies taking stock of workers as hopes dim
  • Grounding of planes slows mail efficiency
  • Oracle tops earnings forecasts
  • Markets to reopen Monday
  • Buildings, lives may lay in rubble, but markets endure
  • 25 Questions

  • Attack suspects blended into suburbia
  • A trail of contradictions
  • Aftershocks notebook

  • Bucs search for ways to help victims of attack
  • NFL calls off Week 2
  • NFL questions and answers
  • I-A football games on hold
  • Baseball's delay lasts longer
  • Lightning reseason games canceled Sunday
  • Mutiny's season is finished

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