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September 14, 2001

Arts&Entertainment: September 14, 2001 Off the top
FREAKOUT: Sean Penn will play the boyfriend of Ursula, Phoebe's twin sister, on a few episodes ofFriends this season.

Side show
Slices of entertainment life in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks:

Bad timing for a decent thriller
When carnage, pain and grief inhabit even the air we breathe, it's difficult to generate enthusiasm for a movie that broaches those topics. That's why The Glass House, a competently paced, reasonably engrossing suburban thriller from first-time film director Daniel Sackheim may not get a fair shake from critics and audiences.

In the news
Poundstone pleads no contest

It's a parody without parody
TAMPA -- Theoretically funny, theoretically cutting edge, theoretically interesting, and yet none of these things, Kurt Smith has created what is ostensibly a parody of performance art in embryogenesis, a series of monologues at Tampa's Silver Meteor Gallery. It's all here: the fake mime, the fake outrage, the fake outrageousness, the real smugness. He makes a burger on stage, decrying the "cow concentration camp." It's all like that, and if it sounds interesting, apologies.

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