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September 14, 2001
Vigil for victims
[AP photo]
Matthew Kramer, 5, holds a candle during a vigil for the victims of the World Trade Center disaster Thursday, in the Staten Island borough of New York. Staten Island residents lit candles as they sat outside their homes and stood on street corners for a borough-wide vigil.
Susan Taylor Martin
A neighborhood and a survivor remember squad's 'fire boys'
Seven firefighters from Squad 18 were among the first on the scene at the World Trade Center. One survived.

Pakistan offers to help U.S., up to a point
Washington has reportedly asked for a sealed border and the use of airspace.

Engineer: Impact showed World Trade Center's strength
The structure held up for an hour before collapsing, despite an occurrence that it wasn't designed to withstand.

What is Islam?
Followers of Islam, called Muslims, believe their religion was founded in the seventh century when God revealed their holy book, the Koran, to the prophet Mohammed in Mecca and Medina in what is now Saudi Arabia.

Report: Bin Laden sought new hiding place Tuesday
Within minutes of the attacks, Osama bin Laden moved without saying where he was going or where he had been.

Indonesia ripe for bin Laden
Weak central authority has opened the way for radical Muslim groups to gain a foothold in this far-flung nation of islands.

Russia joins NATO to oppose terrorism
BRUSSELS -- President Bush's call for a global coalition against terrorism gained additional foreign support Thursday as Russia, in a rare joint statement with NATO, expressed its anger over the attacks in the United States and called for a worldwide effort to combat such acts.

Risks don't slow volunteer resolve
NEW YORK -- Hundreds of volunteers stood shoulder-to-shoulder Thursday afternoon, a bucket brigade standing on a mountain of debris near the former site of the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Victims: Scout, nurse, family
Some of those killed in terrorist acts Tuesday:

Congress nears passage of antiterrorism aid
The package may cost as much as $40-billion. Lawmakers also support a resolution on using force.

Attack victims
Partial list of those killed in Tuesday's terrorist attacks, not including those aboard airplanes, according to family members, friends, co-workers and law enforcement.

Nearby buildings may be stable
Engineers who have inspected buildings near the World Trade Center say most are secure.

Men linked to the investigation

Passenger planes won't carry cargo
The Federal Aviation Administration has temporarily banned mail and air cargo from all passenger planes, further delaying delivery of parcels, paychecks, documents and other U.S. mail that has been grounded since Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

War will be long, focused on goals
WASHINGTON -- President Bush and his advisers laid the groundwork Thursday for a broad, full-fledged U.S. military campaign against terrorism, possibly beginning with a strike against the Islamic militant Osama bin Laden.

Apocalypse seen in recent events
Citing the Bible and Nostradamus, some people find affirmation that the end is near.

Desperate relatives plaster fliers all over
NEW YORK CITY -- Chris Nardone wanted to tell the woman with the victim questionnaire about how his brother Mario was the salt of the earth, how he wanted to quit bond trading and give something back to society, but there were no blanks on the form for that information.

Navy moves operations center after attack on Pentagon
WASHINGTON -- Navy commanders shifting warships around the world have been forced to make those moves without their Pentagon central command center, which was heavily damaged in Tuesday's attack.

Attack victims were from around world
MEXICO CITY -- New York's tragedy became the world's when terrorists slammed hijacked airplanes into the World Trade Center, where thousands of foreigners work or visit every day.

'I walked out .... I made it out alive'
NEW YORK -- John Walsh chatted away with a colleague across their office on the 59th floor of 2 World Trade Center.

Outpouring of grief and sympathy sweeps across globe
LONDON -- For the first time in British history, and by order of Queen Elizabeth II, the guards at Buckingham Palace played the Star Spangled Banner on Thursday, a day on which America, still reeling from the devastation inflicted by its enemies, could be reminded also that it has many friends in the world.

Nervous nation awaits answers
A nation on edge faced the prospect of a long, dangerous war Thursday even as it began to comprehend the staggering dimensions of an unprecedented terrorist attack.

Mexican plane crash kills 16 U.S. tourists
MERIDA, Mexico -- Sixteen Seattle-area tourists on a Caribbean cruise died during a side trip to visit Mayan ruins when their plane crashed in the eastern Mexican state of Yucatan. Three Mexican crew members also died.

Tanks again on the move in West Bank
JERUSALEM -- Israeli tanks rumbled into Palestinian towns in the West Bank for the second day Thursday, igniting gunbattles that left three Palestinians dead and 21 wounded.
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