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September 15, 2001

Intaglio toilet Mike Haverley just loves to talk about toilet seats, and he knows a lot about them. This is a good thing when you're the field sales manager of retail bath products for Bemis Manufacturing, which describes itself as the world's largest manufacturer of toilet seats. Story

Home Front
Briefs and news of note

Tin Man request beats holiday rush
You've probably noticed more requests about holiday projects popping up here. That's a normal sign of approaching fall in Exchangeland. We try to get to these concerns quickly, of course, but here is a reminder you might find useful: If you need help with a Christmas surprise, write to us as soon as possible. It is unfortunate, but each year we get requests a couple of weeks before the holiday, and that is just too late for you to receive a timely response.

Keep peace by posting, opening all meetings
Question: Are notices of committee meetings supposed to be posted for all residents to see, or can this information be circulated to committee members only? Does this apply to committees appointed by the board and to self-appointed committees?

Make writing memoirs enjoyable
If the mere thought of actually writing your memoirs produces a "deer in the headlights" reaction, you're not alone. But don't use that excuse to put off the task indefinitely. You need to overcome your analysis paralysis and, as the slogan says, "just do it."

A hot property
Enjoy a fireplace twice as often with the Twilight, a see-through fireplace you can use on the deck or terrace and in your living room. The fireplace uses natural or LP gas, and the outdoor face functions as the vent. The Twilight, which received the Hearth Products Expo's award for best new product for 2001, is priced at $3,199. The Web site is Sixty-one percent of new homes had one or more fireplaces in 2000, the National Association of Home Builders reports, down from the peak of 66 percent in 1990.

The 'green' standard
Builders in Florida have a new checklist to help them build more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly houses, which surveys show many buyers want.

Ask-A-Veterinarian: For cattle, getting blackleg is bad news
Question: I grew up on a farm years ago. We raised some cattle and, whenever they got sick, my daddy and the farm hands always said it was probably the blackleg. When the old vet was called, many times he would try to tell them it was something else, but they hardly ever believed him.  

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